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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

September 5, 2006

September 6th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 8 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for September 6th are Luminous.


September 5, 2006

Messenger:         Think of the Descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles
                                Our souls are not English
                                Anger comes from the heart
                                Love comes from the heart

                            We communicate with language.
                            Satan can work to help block communication.

                            We can become frustrated explaining something
                                simple like mailing a package

                            But the desire of the heart is love even though
                                communication is blocked a way we may
                                be sure we need to act to accomplish our goal!!

                            Look at the dirty vessels of the Gospel

                            Frustration no matter how hard cannot lead us to

                            The graced filled soul always sees the wide
                                Our focus must be on the Big picture, not
                                    the baby frustrations.

                            You know I went to Clearwater today and there is
                                one turn I must take on 60 West once I
                                went to 60 East and I ended up at the 
                                Atlantic ocean and really off my mark at
                                the wrong coast

                            It was definitely the wrong way to the 5th and
                                Clearwater and I just didn't know it
                                I was new taking this route and I kept
                                going and going and going and ended up in the
                                opposite direction

                            How is our life?
                            If we fail to see that life comes with suffering and
                                every time we are met with frustration we
                                take a road that gives us pleasures to release
                                the suffering.

                             Did not Jesus show us the Paschal mystery of
                                death - resurrection.

                            I sure know so.

                            I have meditated on the mysteries of the rosary and
                                read the scriptures about the passion and death
                                of Christ.

                            God-made-man all perfection whipped, crowned
                                with thorns, spit on, mocked, rejected,
                                scorn and in the garden
                                He knew how He would bleed and
                                    He knew how His head would
                                        be crowned with thorns
                                    He knew the nails in His hands
                                    The pain, the pain, the pain He

                            And like a runner, running to the finish line He
                                was consumed with love in His heart for you
                                and me knowing full well the anguish, the pain
                                He ran literally in His Heart to the finish
                                line of mounting the cross and dying
                                saying with a mouth that could barely
                                Here is your mother
                                He gave us His words of love
                                He gave us Mary our Mother
                            When He could barely speak He gave
                                us Mary

                            He was so consumed with love for me and you even
                                hanging on the cross
                                He shed the last drop of His Blood for you
                                    and me knowing full well how
                                    awful it would be

                                I remember having my first child 36 years
                                    In the pregnancy I did not know how
                                        the birth would be, but I knew
                                        I couldn't do anything, but go
                                        through it to have the baby

                                    He knew how awful it would be to die
                                        on the cross and He said
                                        Thy Will be done
                                        I thirst

                            Yes Jesus, thirsted for the souls that He loved
                                so much and would reject Him treat
                                His great gift of the Eucharist without
                                the recognition of the great gift it is and
                                the gift of the priest and
                                the gift of the Church.

                            He suffered during the bitter passion for those
                                who would sin and hate Him, reject Him
                                hurt each other and

                                He took all their sins on Himself and He died
                                    for our sins so we could share in His life.

                            Today the priest at Mass had a little cup and he
                                used it to explain what "full of grace"

                            I used to think and even drew these pictures in my
                                notebook what I though full of grace
                                might look like. (this is a demonstration to show full of grace, 
                                but grace is really not like these pictures)



September 5, 2006 message continues

Messenger:         A theologian would probably not like my description.

                            But ponder the words of the Hail Mary I say it
                                and see Mary before me
                                Radiant in light
                                So beautiful
                                Full of light beaming from her

                            And I say the Hail Mary
                                Hail Mary, full of grace
                                It is a proclamation "full of grace"
                                I want it
                                I want that state of being fuller and fuller of
                                    grace, filled with His life
                                I know when I go to the Eucharist He
                                    gives me abundant grace!

                            When I sit before the tabernacle lots of grace

                            I went to confession every day to Fr. Carter and
                                when he died it seemed such a loss for
                                me, I would cry.

                            Priests would tell me that venial sins were
                                forgiven at the beginning of Mass and
                                it seemed to play down what importance
                                I once put on confession for just
                                receiving a special grace I wanted to
                                help me to be holy.

                            I want to go to confession for grace I am
                                never without sin I am always
                                able to do things with less imperfections, I know
                                I am imperfect, but even though I am imperfect
                                and it seems to surface when I am interacting
                                with others I continue to interact because
                                I can't do the work He has called me to alone
                                It takes oneness, sacrifice, forgiveness, love and
                                dealing with my own imperfect self also.

                            I see the relationship between Jesus and Mary so
                                important to know and study Jesus
                                is the Divine God and Mary the highest
                                human person Jesus is a Divine person
                                with 2 natures, human and Divine.

                            The 4th Blue Book to me shows the gentleness of Mary
                                and Jesus, the love of the Two Hearts Mary the most
                                perfect disciple of Jesus. Mary was sinless

                                Fr. Carter would say "Rita, if you could
                            see the beauty of your own graced soul..."
                            Can we comprehend the sufferings of Jesus and how
                            He died to give us this sharing in His life
                            through baptism

                                Through His pierced Heart the sacramental
                            life of the Church was born

                                The Fountain of life

                            I never saw the cup but its like I could see it
                                full and brimming over when the priest said

                                I wanted to be full of grace as permeated
                                    with grace as I can be here below and
                                    I am so imperfect, but so filled
                                    with love for God and others I want
                                    to be saturated with His grace

                                I love to say the Hail Mary and say
                                    Hail Mary looking up like I see her
                                    full of grace with such a proclamation
                                    of the gift of Mary, our Mother

                            Fr. Carter always said that to have deeper and deeper
                                intimacy with Christ we need a relationship
                                with Mary

                            I believed with all my soul the role of the Priestly Newsletter
                                with consecration to the Hearts of Jesus
                                and Mary is to take priests deeper and
                                deeper in their intimacy with Christ
                                with the Triune God
                                through Mary's Immaculate Heart

                            The Litany to Mary is so awesome and
                                sung too where we honor Mary as
                                Mother, Virgin, Queen

                            Mary is a great gift to sinful man
                                The spotless Virgin
                                The Immaculate Mother

                            I see in the title
                                "FULL OF GRACE" a burning in my heart
                            The title "singular vessel"
                                I see as a door of deeper intimacy
                                    to the Trinity
                                    Father, Son and Holy Spirit

                                SINGULAR VESSEL

                            God the Father loves Mary so much and
                            God the Father wants us to honor her and
                            God the Father wants us to recognize the gift
                                    Mary is to us human creatures.



September 5, 2006 message continues

Messenger:         I love the Litany to Mary

                            I like the beginning

                                Lord, have mercy on us. Christ, have mercy on us.
                                Lord, have mercy on us. Christ, hear us. Christ, graciously hear us.
                                God, the Father of heaven, have mercy on us.
God, the Son, Redeemer of the world, have mercy on us.
God, the Holy Spirit, have mercy on us.
                                Holy Trinity, one God, have mercy on us.
(from the Litany)

                  Then we sing the Litany a lot
                        and we start singing here
                        It is so beautiful
                            Holy Mary ...
                            Holy Mother of God (isn't that awesome
                                                            such dignity for the
                                                            human race
                                                            I love to say Mother of God
                                                            with such devotion and

                            Holy Virgin of Virgins espoused to the Holy Spirit
                            And the Word was made Flesh
                            I love it!! God is so good to us

                    Sing the Litany to Mary with all your heart






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