Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

September 6, 1998

Mary speaks: My beautiful child, I ask you for surrender.

Messenger: This is wisdom taught to me from my Mother's knee. This is knowledge acquired by living His life, death and Resurrection in my life.

Jesus speaks: And so My child I speak to you for the good of the Movement, the Church and the world.

No one is perfect. You are in the school of learning, you are being taught by your divine God, you are the tainted child of Eve. You are under attack for the devil wishes to trip you up and to stop you. If Satan stops you, many souls will not be reached. Satan will have a victory.

Satan wants to divide you. He wants you to feel you have been wronged by those you love. He wishes you to feel that you have been made a victim.

I give rules in the Movement. I give rules in the Church and the world. You must live by the truth.

Every person is under severe attack by Satan. You may have wronged someone you love. You may have judged you brother, wrongly. You see that your perfect record is left tainted. What should you do now to save your face?

Hide not your face in shame. They clothed themselves in the garden after their sin. I want you pure and holy as saints, yet in all your struggle to love Me and serve Me, you fall time and time again and you tarnish your silver star and it looks really "sort of beat up" at the end of the night, when you wished to be placed in a black and glorious sky, to sail amongst the clouds. You are placed in that dark sky and your light is quite a bit less than the splendor you once banked on.

The stars are in your Mother's crown. You are the tainted children of Eve. On your own, you come with great impurities and look worn and tarnished. In the pure Immaculate Heart of the Lady, your tarnished star shines with brilliant splendor in the dark and glistening night.

And so you say, I can do it myself and then Mister Satan comes with his bag of tricks to unveil you and you fall like a falling star to the abyss below.

My chosen holy ones, I know your works and your love of God, I know how you wish to love, but in your struggle to do God's work, you are weary, tired and just worn out. So in the deepest ebb of the day, when you are at your optimum low, tired, hungry, frustrated and worn out in anguishing labor trying to spread God's loving word, the trickster comes as a thief in the night and deprives you of your cloak of armor, and you fall like a lightening bolt driven to the earth below, and in all the love in your heart for God you wonder how you could fall so far.

But what do you do now that he has attacked you, the slimy snake, that wants you stopped?

My child, I am Jesus and I will teach you why it is that you and so many apostles are stuck.

You were trained in this world by a dysfunctional world, that has taught you many ways that lead to suffering and division. I come to teach you the way in which all will live in the Father's family in great harmony and love. You are to look at yourselves as all loving one another always. This is your goal. No matter what you do, this is what your Father wishes. You cannot hide in a closet and be alone. You reason that you will not have relationship problems. You think you will not sin or hurt anyone's feelings.

I wish you to walk hand in hand through life. The Father wishes you to work together, looking with love to one another. You cannot judge one another, you must try to see the other as trying, and you are trying, all together for a common goal.

Even those in authority are being taught. How is it now in many cases? Do the persons in authority think they are perfect and not in need of correction, directions or new growth? Many times the person in authority builds a silver palace around himself and tells everyone else their faults, but fails to recognize his own faults.

I give you this Commandment, love God, love one another, all the Commandments and everything is based on this. So did you think it would be easy to become more and more like God? You are learning through a constant process of dying and rising in Him.

Your family, Church, religious orders will not work if the persons in authority see themselves as perfect, supreme and feeling they have arrived at the top of perfection.

Al1 are under God's feet, the power flows from Him. When people see themselves as supreme, when they see themselves faultless in a position of authority, they immensely block the proper flow of authority and power coming from God.

You are "stuck" by people in authority that will not deal with their imperfections. They have made themselves "gods." They feel they can "do no wrong."

Any person in authority, a father of a family, a boss, a policeman, a priest, will affect those under him when he feels he is perfect.

Persons must always see themselves as learning. They must see God as their teacher. They must always live to die more to their imperfections and rise more and more in their lives to be more likened to God.

If persons in authority try and try, then they cannot feel destroyed when things sometimes fail. They must not focus on themselves. They must realize that all make mistakes. Only God is supreme. People must be humble and rooted in the truth. Only God is perfect. All who act in His name must realize that they are learning and make mistakes. We must not be concerned, primarily, with whether or not we are perfect, but our primary concern must be doing God's Will. Our primary focus is to help to further God's Kingdom. We must learn to die to our selfish ways and grow in the selfless ways.

The purpose is to serve God. Despite Satan and his traps, the purpose is to learn from our imperfections and to live a more perfect life in Him.

If a person feels they must be perfect all the time, it is impossible for there to be proper growth in that situation. For it is in recognizing the truth, in dying to the imperfections, in being open to changing our ways and doing God's will that we will grow in a greater union in Him.

Man is imperfect, he is on a journey to grow more and more in his life in God. He must recognize his faults. It is a gift that leads to greater growth when you recognize your faults and change old patterned ways that are dysfunctional.

I love you,

I am the King, I ask you to serve Me. I tell you to be humble.

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