December 22, 1994

See the Big Picture

Jesus: To all My dearest beloved ones at the Center and in the Shepherds of Christ:

    You do not see the big picture. You do not see how your job is so important to My plan. Do you see your confusion? The devil presses in. He tells you how everything is hard and you are working so hard and not seeing any results. He tells you that you have not done enough. Oh, little loved ones, you are involved in the renewal of My Church. You see with such limited vision! I am using Shepherds of Christ to renew My Church throughout this world. I am lighting My world with the love that is being radiated in the many hearts that are coming to the Center and the Farm. You see, minute-by-minute, day-by-day, your frustrations and problems.

    I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I write these intense love letters of My love for this world. You see only your little daily frustrations. You are so important to spreading My love! I am giving you messages for all My beloved souls of this world. My (Shepherds of Christ priestly) Newsletter will enkindle in priests the fire of My love. I will light this world with My light through you.

    Oh, little loved ones, see the big picture. Pray for grace to know and love Me more. It is by your love of God that you will carry out My plan with ease.

    You see little details. I call you to prayer. I call you to sacrifice. I call you to love and purity in your heart. I call you to union with Jesus and Mary. I call you to consecration of your heart to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I call you to live in the Spirit, to pray to the Spirit, to be alive with His fire, to be transformed into My great soldiers of love, so that your hearts will be on fire with the most burning love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

    I call you to vision. I call you to doing the will of My Father, to saying "yes" as Mary said "yes" to the angel, total compliance with His will!

    I call you to time spent alone with Me in front of the tabernacle and after Communion.

    Oh, My beloved children, you are blind. You do not see that this is My world. The reality is that your every breath depends on Me. I am here. I am in your midst this day, no less present than the day Mary carried Me in her womb, no less present than the day I died on the cross. Open your eyes and see the love I am pouring out to you.

    This (Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center) is My Mother's house. I write these letters to you from her house in Norwood. I am alone many times in My tabernacle here. You cannot light this world on your own. You need to pray for the grace to grow in love of Me.

    I write these letters of My intense love to My precious souls. I want these letters to circulate. The lives of Myself and My Mother will become more and more alive to you as you read these letters. Pray the rosary with these meditations. I am begging you to listen to Me.

    I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have written five books of My intense love. I have given you such insights into My suffering and My Mother's suffering. It is through the rosary and these letters that the love of God will grow more and more in men's hearts. I beg you to take Me seriously. I love, I love, I love. I write songs of My love. I want these songs recorded.

    I am an open furnace of endless love, on fire for My beloved souls. I write, I write, I write of this love. You do not take Me seriously!

    Your city will shine with the love of Jesus in the hearts of those who go to the Center when you promote these letters. To hold these letters back from My beloved souls wounds My Heart. I wait. I long. I thirst for the love of My beloved souls. I write five books of love letters. I beg you, all of you involved in circulating and publishing these letters, to do so. Your churches will radiate with My love when you circulate these letters.

    My Heart is on fire for love of you. I beg you this day to listen to Me. I am Jesus. I write of My ardent love for you and I am taken so lightly! Please circulate and read these messages! Please support these letters! What more must I do to tell you? What more do you want? I write five books of My love. I teach you the rosary to help Our lives live in you. The rosary is so important to the hearts of those who go to the Center and the members of Shepherds of Christ. The rosary and its mysteries must live in the lives of those who pray them. My renewal will come from the two Hearts. Listen to Me. Please circulate these letters and rosary meditations. They will lead many hearts to My love and the love of Mary.