December 19, 1995


I want to love deeply, my Lord. It is in knowing Him more, I love Him more. I beg Him for insights of Himself that I will know Him more. I know Him greatly through the intimate experiences I have had with Him. He and Mary have allowed me to experience deep insights into Their sufferings and love, deep insights into the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

If I am closed, I remain locked inside. Love flows from the heart. Love is not words spoken only. Love is the giving of one's self to another person or cause.

Children need this love from their parents. There is a whole generation of children that are receiving substitute moms and dads. Instead of love from their parents, they are given things. Things are not heart-felt love. To love God more, it helps to know the love of another. We see love reflected from God through the eyes of our parents, by their time and attention.

God is love. He is always there. He is attentive to all our needs. He gives and keeps on giving. I do not have to fear for want of love. I know that He is one in me. I am living in this love!

Children today are not given this love. They are given all they need physically, all they can absorb technically, intellectually, all they need to make the appearance of perfection: a beautiful house, a beautiful car, a room adorned with such decorations, some have a private bath, a computer, a television, a VCR, a compact disk player, a telephone, a beautiful suntanned body, a swimming pool, the greatest sports equipment, the right label on their clothes and shoes. They are taken to every sport event so they can participate and be the greatest player, but what about the family meal? What about the nights the family sits and talks about things in their hearts? What about the family rosary? We are raising a heartless, self-indulgent society of youth. Their hearts are dying inside, while their bodies are adorned to perfection. It is what I call the "inside-out syndrome." Everything exists for how we look on the outside and the inside (the heart) is dying and shriveling up inside the body.

I envision Mary standing beneath the cross and feel the pain for her little, lost children. I envision Mary before me and hear her call out for the children that will lose their souls and go to hell. I hear Mary, our heavenly Mother, call out at Fatima. I hear her urgent cry and as at Fatima - who listens?

Satan has attacked our hearts. They are closed and dying in our bodies. We have every hair in place and every muscle exercised. We know the fat level in every muffin and the calories in every spoon of yogurt, but the heart of man is dying within the body.

The starved hearts of the world cry out, more and more, "Please feed our hungry!" We are starving and the world fills the hearts and souls with more and more pleasures and things. The focus is hollow, the eyes are fixed, and what of the little ones who do not even know how to feed the pangs of hunger within their souls?

His Heart was pierced with a lance; her heart was pierced with a sword of sorrow.

His way is the way of the heart.

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