JANUARY 26, 1995

The Agony in the Garden

  1. R. Be with Jesus as He kneels in the Garden of Gethsemane.
  2. R. Be there in the night. Hear the sounds of the night. See Jesus as He kneels in such agony to see before Him all the sufferings that He is about to undergo.
  3. R. With greatest love for each one of us, the Father sent into this world His only-begotten Son.
  4. R. Jesus took on a human nature with greatest love for each one of us. He now kneels in the Garden, His Heart in such anguish. He who is Love sees before Him all the souls from all time who would neglect Him and treat Him so indifferently despite all His suffering and love that His most tender Heart has for each and every soul.
  5. R. He saw before Him all the souls that would be condemned to eternal damnation despite the fact that He suffered and died for love of each soul.
  6. R. The anguish that He suffered in the Garden, the agonies that He suffered in His most Sacred Heart, were far greater than the physical wounds that He would soon bear throughout His entire Passion. For He is Love, with a Heart burning for love of all souls-the souls that neglect Him, the souls that do not even think of Him, the souls that go through their lives, have nothing to do with Jesus, and then are condemned forever and ever to the fires of hell.
  7. R. Jesus remains with us this very day, the same as the day that He knelt in the Garden. He remains with us in His divinity and humanity. With greatest love for each one of us He longs, He thirsts, He waits for us to come and be with Him in front of the tabernacle.
  8. His suffering in the Garden was so great that His sweat became as great drops of blood upon the ground.
  9. R. He went to the apostles and asked them, "Had you not the strength to stay awake one hour?" (Mk 14:37) How many times does Jesus ask us this day if we do not have one hour to spend with Him? There are twenty-four hours in a day. But how many times during the day do we say no to Jesus, that we are too busy. And His Heart waits and waits for us. At every second His Heart is an endless, burning furnace of love. Whether we think of Him or not, He is always ablaze, on fire for us, loving us and waiting for us to allow Him to be our constant companion.
  10. R. God, grant to us the grace to know and to love You more so that we can more fully realize that You truly are God-made-man in Jesus Christ, that You come to this earth in greatest love for each one of us, that You long and wait for our love and that You want to give us Your love.

Song between decades: I come to you with greatest love, I am your loving Savior. I am your God, I died for you. I come to you this day.

The Scourging at the Pillar

  1. Jesus: My Heart is on fire for each one of My precious souls. I long for you to come and be with Me. As I suffered all through My Passion, the greatest agonies were not the agonies that I suffered to My body-the scourging at the pillar, the tearing of My flesh-but the agonies that I endured to My most tender Heart, which is a Heart of love waiting to share with each and every one of My precious souls. Oh, My children, I call out to you this day to spread My love to the world that is in pain. I call out to you to be My soldiers, to spread the love of My Most Sacred Heart to the souls that are suffering and in pain. You are My mighty warriors in a world that is cold and has forgotten God. You must be strong soldiers, for this world will persecute you as they persecuted Me. I send you into the world, armed with hearts filled with My love, to spread My love along the highways and the byways in every corner of this earth and I ask you this day, can you say no?
  2. Jesus: They tied Me to a pillar and they beat My flesh. My once unblemished back was now an open wound. I was full of blood. But My worst agony was the agony that I endured in My Most Sacred Heart, the Heart that gives to you and to every soul divine love, divine life, and is rejected by many, is treated coldly.
  3. Jesus: I loved Judas so dearly and Judas betrayed Me with a kiss. How many of My dear souls come to Me with hearts that are hot and cold. I want you to come to Me with hearts, full of love, that will unite with Mine, that will become one with Mine, that will give to this world My love for your hurting brothers. I ask you this day, "Do not say no!" I am truly Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Who was scourged at the pillar for love of your brothers. I ask you to hear the blows that they gave to Me. They are the blows that I suffered for your brother. How can you treat your brother badly when they tore My flesh, and out of greatest love I withstood all this treatment for your beloved brother?
  4. Jesus: I gave My all. I stood there. I was beaten. I was bruised. I was bloodied. I came to show you the way, the way to love. They persecuted Me. I loved those who persecuted Me. I ask you this day to be kind in your heart, to give to this world the love that I want to give to you. I am a burning furnace of endless love. My power never goes out. My love is never spent. Come to My Most Sacred Heart and I will fill your hearts with endless love.
  5. Song: Lord, let me walk that last mile in Your shoes, under the weight of the wood…
  6. Jesus: See in the dim light as I stand at the pillar. See the men with their angry faces, with hatred in their hearts, as they pound at My flesh.
  7. Jesus: When they persecute you and hate you because you are not of this world, you must endure all out of greatest love. My way is always love. I came to show you the way, the way to eternal happiness. It is only in loving one another that you will merit eternal life. I ask you for two things. I ask you to love God and to love one another.
  8. Jesus: Come to My Eucharistic Heart! Let Me fill you with the fire of My love so that it will radiate to all those that you come in contact with. For the power of the Almighty God is a power that cannot be contained. It will radiate from your being to all those you touch.
  9. Jesus: When I walked from the pillar, the earth was marked by My bloody footprints.
  10. Jesus: As the earth was marked by My bloody footprints, I ask you to make a mark on this world, to spread to this world the love of My Most Sacred Heart.

Song between decades: I come to you with greatest love…

The Crowning with Thorns

  1. Jesus: My body was battered, bruised and bloodied, and they covered Me with a dirty purple robe that they put on top of My wounds. I held a scepter and they crowned Me with a sharp crown of piercing thorns.
  2. R. Do you know what it is like to get a little splinter in your hand? They pounded into Jesus' most precious head thorns that were thick and piercing until the blood ran down His face, into His eyes and into His ears. His hair was matted. This was truly the King of Kings! The Son of God! And He was crowned with a crown of piercing thorns!
  3. Song: Only this I want, but to know the Lord, and to bear His cross, so to wear the crown He wore…
  4. Jesus: They spit on Me and they hollered slanders at Me and I sat, as they did, in silence.
  5. Jesus: I truly came into this world, the Son of God, to show you the way. As I sat in silence, think of how you respond to those who come to you with hatred in their hearts. My way is the way of love. You must love all your brothers as I have loved.
  6. Jesus: My Father created each and every child-so precious, so unique-with such love that He sent Me into this world.
  7. Jesus: I love you so this day that I would suffer again all that I suffered for you before.
  8. Jesus: With all the love that I pour out to each and every one of you, think of how it is to love so much and to be neglected by so many.
  9. Jesus: Pray to the Spirit to open your heart to the fire of My love.
  10. Jesus: You are blind men! You do not see the love that I outpour to you. You see little incidental things, so close in front of your face, when My Heart is overflowing with divine love, with divine life. I want to give you My life! I give you Myself in the Eucharist. Come for My love. Nothing on this earth can compare to My divine love and My divine life that I want to give to you!

Song between decades: I come to you with greatest love...

The Carrying of the Cross

  1. R. See Jesus with His hands tied, with a look of perfect peace on His face. And see those men who are surrounding Jesus, with their sharp instruments poking at Him with anger and hatred on their faces-such anger and hatred that they condemned Jesus to death on a cross!
  2. R. They gave to Him a heavy cross that they put on His most precious shoulder. He carried the weight of the sins of the world on His back. This is the love that He has for each and every man, that He carries the cross with our sins on His back.
  3. R. He calls out to us that He is no less present in the Eucharist this day than the day He walked to Calvary with His cross on His back. And He says to each one of us, "I give you Myself. Why do you run from My altar when I, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, come to you and become one with you, and you run from the Church?"
  4. Jesus: I peered into the eyes of My beloved mother and she peered into My eyes. There was joy at the meeting of the eyes, but such sorrow deep within each of Our Hearts. The knowing of My mother, the knowing of Me, her most precious Son, and how she had held Me and loved Me! I saw her in such suffering! I saw her face with tears. I saw My most precious mother torn so deeply in her Heart. It is the love of Our Hearts for you that has led us to this place. I ask you to spread this love throughout the world. I would truly carry My cross this day for you because I love you so dearly. My children! My children! What more do you want than that God comes to earth and is born a man out of greatest love for you? And you in your limited vision see only in front of your face. You do not come to My altar to receive the life that I want to outpour to you. My children! My children! You are so blind! Pray for grace! Pray for My life, to know and love all that you do not see. You do not see because you do not come to My altar, because you do not spend time with Me!
  5. Jesus: My mother comes to stay, to lead you ever closer to My most tender Heart. I ask you to answer this call, the call of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to be joined ever closer to the Hearts brimming over with love for each and every soul.
  6. Jesus: I fell under My cross. The weight was so heavy! I did not give My cross up. I willingly carried this cross for love of you!
  7. Jesus: It is in living in the Father's Will that you will be the happiest. To My very death I followed the Will of the Father.
  8. Song: See the eyes that look at Mary, her tender infant child. See the child's Heart beat so tenderly, the Savior of the world.
  9. R. See through the eyes of Mary. She peered into Jesus' eyes on Calvary. See through the eyes of Mary as she comes and appears to us this day to tell us to see her through her eyes the love of her precious Son, Jesus Christ, to see that He truly walked to Calvary, that He was truly scourged and crowned with thorns and that He did it for greatest love of each of us. And He calls out this day for us to come and be with Him and to spread His love to this world.
  10. Song: She rocked Him as a baby. She fed Him as a child. She heard Him call Her name out in the night. She helped Him take His first step and she cried when He said His first words. I wish they all could see through a Mother's eyes.

Song between decades: I come to you with greatest love…

The Crucifixion and Death of Jesus on the Cross

  1. R. See the little hands of Jesus. See the little feet of Jesus as Mary holds Him as a baby. And now she stands and watches as they pound nails through His most precious hands into the cross. The anguish in her Heart so deep! And a sword, too, shall pierce your Heart, Oh Mary!
  2. R. Mary does not bear the wounds, the blood, as Jesus does. But Mary's Heart is torn to see her beloved Son, battered, bruised and bloody, and now hanging on the cross!
  3. R. Be there! The sky has turned dark as Jesus hangs for three agonizing hours on the cross. His body is humped over. He is so weak! He gives His blood. He spreads His arms. He gives His all for love of each and every one of us. He truly gives His flesh. He gives His blood because He loves us so much! He was born a human! He was born on bare wood in a stable and now He hangs on a cross!
  4. R. His blood was spent so that we could inherit eternal life.
  5. R. As He gave His life on the cross, so He gives us His life this day in the Eucharist!
  6. Song: I am the Bread of Life. He who comes to Me shall not hunger and who believes in Me shall not thirst. No one can come to Me unless the Father beckons. And I will raise you up, and I will raise you up, and I will raise you up on the last day.
  7. R. He gave the last beat of His Heart. He gave His last breath. He gave His all. His hands were punctured with nails. His Head was pierced with thorns. He gave the inside of His body as well as the outside of His body! And He asks us, in greatest love, to surrender ourselves to Him. For He truly gave His all for love of us. If He loved us so much that He gave His body, His blood, His all for each and every one of us, would He not give us from His abundance this day? He comes with such letters of love to tell you that He is truly Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and in your midst this day in the Eucharist, waiting for you to come and be with Him, for He truly loves with a Heart of divine love. He truly has divine life that He outpours to each and every soul. He wants so much to share Himself with each one of us!
    Jesus:Come to Me, My children, and I will give you My divine love, My divine life. I love you so dearly! I call out to you this day to come for My love and to give this love to the world for it is only through you that the Father's plan will be realized. For a heart fixed on the love of God can move a mountain. I am asking you to live in the Father's Will, to spread My love throughout the world. If you say no, this world will suffer. You are My chosen ones, each and every soul. Come! Be filled with the love I pour out to you. Love your fellowmen. Love your brothers when they hate you and persecute you. Love them as I loved those who put Me to death. I ask you this day to open your hearts and rid yourselves of all impurities, to pray to the Spirit to sanctify your hearts, to clean out the debris of hatred and anger, and to come to My tabernacle with a heart that is open and pure so I can fill you with My divine love. For it is in your uniting with Me that I can operate from you and love this world as I so desire. This is My call to you this day. Can you say no? See Me hanging on the cross. This is how I loved you!
  8. R. Mary stood under the cross and she saw Her beloved Son as He took His last breath.
  9. R. She calls out to you this day. She is calling! She is calling each and every soul that He gave His life for to know His love. For it is only in this love that you will find what your soul craves.
  10. R. And they gave to Mary the lifeless body of her precious Son. As she held His baby body tenderly in her arms, she-so weak!-now holds His lifeless body in her arms, covered with blood.

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