In a message received by Ms. Ring on January 23, the Virgin Mary said:

"I appear on the building to draw men to the messages given in God's Blue Book, Rosaries From the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, and Tell My People. These books are the messages we give from our hearts to draw men to our hearts. They are the messages my Son gives to bring about the reign of His Most Sacred Heart.

"I ask you to circulate Mary's Message [an audiotape] in Florida and the rosaries [special Marian meditations/messages] of December 13, 1996, and January 13, 1997. These messages were given to reveal insights into His Most Intimate Love. My appearance in Florida and the Shepherds of Christ Movement must be connected. Please work with great fervor to spread my messages and the message of my Son from this location. Do not be afraid. You will make great advances in helping with the completion of the Fatima Message there.

"I am Mary your Mother. Please obey me and help me spread these materials there. I love you, my little children."

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