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Be Open To His Love

God's Blue Book II Cover

January 6, 1994 3:00 a.m.

Jesus: I love you with such intensity. The feeling you have in your chest is indeed My great love for you. Hold on to this and know how much I truly love you.

You are chosen by Me to write here. I want you to share your intimacy with Me. I want to be close to all My children. Do not hold back. It is your openness to others about this that will lead so many to great intimacy with Me. I am truly here, little one, and I love you for your openness. I am using you to lead others to Me and in union with Me. Do not worry of such revelations. I am guarding you, My precious one. I love you so intently. The incense on your hands is a sign of My constant presence with you.

Don't question. You need to be so assured that I am here constantly. Talk about Me. Open yourself up and do not be afraid. It is your openness that will lead many hearts to intimacy with Me. I am guarding you, little one. Let go now of everything and focus only on Me and My love. Make a Spiritual Communion and come to Me. Come with such love and longing for your Love, your true Love, the one, true God. I am here blessing you. Receive Me into your spirit. I love you.

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