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God's Blue Book II Cover

January 7, 1994 9:00 a.m.
After Mass

Jesus: I am the Alpha. I am the Omega. I am He Whose bootstraps you are unworthy to fasten, but I come to you, little ones, just the same, out of great love, to give you many gifts for your soul. Are you there ready to receive all I come to bring to you or are you closed? Open the doors to your hearts and let Me enter into you. Be open wide and experience Me filling you.

You I call and you I will send to preach My words. I want all to know of My True Presence. You will tell young and old that I am God and I, God, am truly present in the Eucharist.

This is My mission: to help all to prepare their hearts for My coming. I am such a personal God. I come to My children but they are blinded by their own eyes. You are blind and you do not see what transpires here. Jesus is Lord. He is God. He enters your soul and you receive Him. Who are you that God comes to you and yet you turn away in such indifference!

My relationship with you is not a little thing. It is a deep, deep union that I want with you. Open your hearts. Pray for this union. My Blue Book is a recipe book for this union. I have given you all the ingredients here necessary for an intimate union with Me. Your submissiveness, your willingness to let Me possess your soul, your time spent in silence in front of the tabernacle, daily Mass and Holy Communion, periods of spiritual communion throughout the day, allowing yourself to die to you and be open entirely to My possessing you and permeating your very being!

These ingredients are given with such love in My letters. As you take the ingredients, your souls rise like bread dough with yeast. The life that grows inside you is a life that is too mighty to contain. Just as the dough bursts forth above the bowl, you are filled to the brim and over with this life of Christ. This life is cast on your brothers. It cannot be contained. Your eyes sparkle and your soul emits a mighty energy which is transmitted by Me. You radiate from your very soul. The light I give to you shines in the dark world as a mighty light on the darkest night. One soul, you say, in such a dark world? Not one, but many, will light this dark world from reading My personal love letters to you here. I want to save each and every soul. I love each of you just this way.

Come on this journey with Me. Open your hearts and read My words here. They are your mighty medicine for healing a sick world. Oh, how I love each and every one of you. Please come and share My love. My heart aches for your love. Your brothers cannot make up your love to Me. I want your love and I love you. I am God. Do not try to understand the mystery. Feel My mighty love for you and quit looking for answers. You are missing the best part. Oh, how I love you. I give to you from My bounty and you, My child, are made whole.

Come and sup with Me that I might heal you and make you whole. Read My words here. They are your prescription for life, My life deep within your breast. Then this world will truly know Me through your eyes and the light you cast in the darkness.

Alleluia, Alleluia.

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