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The Ten Commandments Rule

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January 7, 1994 3:20 a.m.

Jesus: The King of Glory comes to you in the night to deliver a message to the world. I am upset at all that is going on in the hearts of men. Their hearts are turned cold, their focus is an earthly gaze and they see no more the evil of this world before their face. Little children are being taught such vile things and the numbed state of the world is even unaware of all this evil.

Many brothers have accepted this worldliness as a sign of the times and a way of acceptance: "So it happens and it is okay in today's world."

Without God, each day more filth and evil is accepted as, "Well, so what? We must give everyone their rights. So I don't like it, but everyone has a right to their opinion. Who am I to tell my brothers how to think?"

Well, I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. You were created by My Father to know, love and serve God and you do have a right to tell all how to think. Sin is sin, what is right is right, what is wrong is wrong. The Ten Commandments stand as the rules by which you must live.

This is a godless society. The First Commandment commands that all put God First. This culture has left God entirely out of their lives. What are they doing? They are worshiping false gods. They have made themselves gods. They are living the rule, "Anything goes if you want it to." It is a sick rule. "You have every right to everything you believe in and your brother has no right to question you because you have your rights." " If your example is sinful to me and my children, that is okay."

No, none of this is okay. Evil is evil and good is good! You are living in such a sick world! Does it keep getting so bad you scarce know what to do? You must pray, America. Prayer can stop wars, prayer can change cold hearts, prayer is the only answer. When you are troubled, do not get on a box and preach about the evil. Go to your room, gather up your children and pray the rosary. This is your weapon in a sick, godless world.

God has not forgotten the world, even though the world has forgotten God. I am alive in your heart. I am ever present at the side of all those in sin. It is their choice to move from Me and turn their back on what they need. I am God and I love each and every soul. I love the hardest heart and I want to bring it back home. That is why I need you not to respond to your brother's evilness. Pray for him when he casts his ugliness toward you. Respond as I would do, with love. How can I minister to your brother if you become hardened when you deal with him? You are a tender shoot of love. Your brother has become hard. Pray for him and respond as you think I would, with love.

I still dearly love your brothers in darkness. They are lost sheep and I bid them to come home, but I cannot show them My ways if you respond to them in the same way as they act toward you. Your response must be as Mine would be. You teach such mighty lessons in your love and gentleness. It is hard to love those who are unloving and sinful, but I sill love your brothers. They are souls created by God to know, love and serve Him, but they have chosen to perform evil deeds.

Touch your brothers by your example. Touch your brothers with your goodness. Strive to be holy as your Heavenly Father is holy. Strive after sainthood. See, in the eyes of all, Jesus Who truly loves them. Do not let your hearts be troubled by all this evil. Trust in Me and know I beckon you to prayer and sacrifice. These are your tools to fight off the evil one. Do not join him. Rise up and fight against him with My weapons. My weapons are My love. Wear My love on your breast. Come to Me and fill yourself with My love and enter the ranks as one armed in a battle which is fought through the love of Jesus. Never respond with hate to your brothers. Hate the acts, but love your brothers. See them as ones who are sick and in need of your prayers. You cannot argue with your brothers. To do so is to argue with Satan. Satan loves to argue with you and you won't change a hardened heart powered by an evil world. You will do more with acts of love and prayers. Pray constantly. It is in your love that you will fight the mightiest battle. It is in your love and prayers that you will make headway in this evil world.

I am all powerful. I am in control. Do not be fooled by the false power your evil brothers display. I have all the power. There is nothing that happens that I do not allow. I can stop this world in an instant if I so desire. Your job is to pray and love. Your job is to trust in the God Who loves all and knows all that is happening. Your job is to stay so fixed to Me that you never doubt but totally feel My presence within you, acting out of you.

I, My child, am alive in you if you let Me act through you. Become selfless and unattached to the things of this world. Plant seeds of love and God everywhere you tread. How many hearts you touch each day! Spend time refueling yourself before Me in the tabernacle. You are being called not to fight with your brother. You are being called to be Christlike, to love your brothers and spend time in daily prayer. Your gift to the world is Christ dwelling within your breast.

Go to daily Mass and Communion. Pray in adoration every day. Pray and play with your children and stay very close to them. Do not allow your children to be indoctrinated by the TV and other sources of brainwashing the world uses. Stay close to them and constantly tell them about your deep love for Me. Everything you share with your child about God is a seed I can make grow into My life within them.

Read your children these letters. Do not hold back from them anything you feel about God. Give them the greatest gift you can give. Share your love and your relationship with God. If they have a basis in God, they can fall back on it when they are pressed on by this world. All that will save you is your faith.

Pray for strength, America. Pray for faith and trust in God. Come and sit in front of My tabernacle and be led down the right road. I make all things work for you when you stay fixed in Me. Do not fume, do not fret. Spend one hour in prayer in front of the tabernacle every day. Let Me work in your heart and you will run and not get weary. You will fly on eagles' wings and I will be by your side. Though heaven and earth pass away, not one letter of the law will pass away.

R. Alleluia, Alleluia. Praise the Lord for He is Holy. He comes as a mighty wind into the midst of His people. His power is without limits and He does not falter on His way. He will come and dwell in you, but you must stay fixed in Him. Your gift to this world is your time spent in front of the tabernacle. Your gift to this world is your love of God. Your gift to this world is your soul saturated by the love of Christ which shines in a dark world. Your gifts are the time you spend with Christ and His dwelling within your breast.

Jesus: Read these letters. They are My letters to you to become close to Me in all this darkness. America may have forgotten God, but I did not forget you. This is the mighty medicine to turn men's minds and hearts back to God. If I came and I died a brutal death for love of you, would I not send a mighty medicine this day to save My loved ones? These letters are My love for you. I am ever present this day and yearn to be in communion with you. Your relationship with Me will save this sick world. Come and let Me lead you. I am He Who loved you to My death.

Do I not love you this much this very day? I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. Do not fume or fret, America. Make ready your hearts for His coming. It is in your love that I am alive in this world today. Busy yourselves in the things of God. That is your weapon in this sick world. Read and reread each letter hand delivered by Me to you. These will make Me live in your hearts and you will preach mighty lessons of My love to your brothers.

Alleluia, I am God. Alleluia.

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