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Let Go--I Catch You In My Arms

God's Blue Book II Cover

March 25, 1994

R.When I relinquish all that is so dear, that is when I love Him more. I will go to the end of the limb, I will jump and let Him catch me. He wants us to let go. I want to hold on to security in this world. Oh, no, He says, I want your all. You do not go to this world. You let it all go. You hold on to nothing. You walk to the end of the cliff and jump. Then watch the miracles happen.

Jesus: I am asking you to jump into My arms. I am God and I will catch you. I am all you have that is solid to hold on to, yet you see Me not. You must have faith that I, God, can do in one second what the world never will do. I will light My city with the love of My Sacred Heart. Your people will flock to you for their food. You will feed the starved soul with the on-fire love of Jesus Christ. You will light the wicks of My beloved ones and they will shine in the dark world.

Nothing less than total surrender will put you in My arms. I only catch you when you let go. If you hold on, then I have no reason to catch you. You are already hanging and dangling from a shaky limb. Why try to do it yourself when total surrender drops you into the hands of God?

I have all the power. I am God. I am Jesus Christ. It was through My surrender on the cross that I saved the world. Will you surrender? That which you hold on to is not secure. You only hold on to it out of fear. The fear is worse than any surrendering you do. I am God. I give you freedom. Let go. Live by My direction. I, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, write to you. Listen. I am God. I have all the power and all the answers. I love you.

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