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I Loved You to My Death

God's Blue Book II Cover

March 26, 1994 4:30 a.m.

R. I want to cry and cry out, "Oh, how He died for you! How He suffered! How He was beaten and bloodied, how He suffered and how dear, dear Mary, watched her precious Son with such suffering!" The Father, to allow this, to will it for love of us!

By His death, we were saved. He suffered so for love of us! What does He ask of you this day? Meditate on His Passion. Ask Him to let you feel His pain. It is in feeling this pain, His surrender, that you will come to know His great love.

To lay down your life! He stood there and allowed them to beat Him and tear His flesh, to whip Him. God allowed this because He loved us so much!

Jesus: I loved you, My sweet ones. When you love someone, you can endure anything for love of them. They hit Me and tore My flesh. They yelled every kind of false word against Me--Me, God-made-man-and I endured it because I love you.

If you only knew a little of My love, child! I suffered all this for love of you and I would do this again this very day. I love you this very day. I would walk My walk to Calvary again today. What made Me endure it was My ardent love for you. Oh, sweet ones, listen to Me this day. Do not turn a deaf ear to My pleading. I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I am He Who suffered a brutal death for love of you. I walked the walk. I, in surrender, subjected Myself to death on the cross and I did it for love of you, My sweet ones.

Think of this Passion. Think of My suffering. It is in this you will come to know how I love you.

Tell your brothers. Tell them, I beg you, to spread this message. I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and I am alive this day in the Eucharist and in the tabernacle. I am the same Jesus who died a brutal death for you.

I wait for you. I cry for your love. I am suffering this day because I see this suffering world. I feel your pain, I suffer with the souls who are hurting. I have all you need. I am God, I have all the power. You were created to know, love and serve Me. I have all you need.

To My death on the cross, I showed you how to love. Your brothers are hurting, they are blind. Do not respond to them with hatred and anger. Respond with My love. You are My light to this world. You are My voice. You I call to deliver My message of love. Will you answer My call?

My mother suffered so for love of you! She is My beautiful mother of love. She loves you. She is always with Me. When you receive Me in the Eucharist, she is there. She is beside Me when you come to the tabernacle. We are always with you. Do not fret and fume and despair. This is from Satan. He wants you bowed down. I cannot operate if you are giving in to Satan. He hates Me and wants you to hate your brothers, to be divided. I want you united to light up My city. You are the lights that shine in this dark world.

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