Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Forgive and Ask For Forgiveness

God's Blue Book II Cover

March 26, 1994

Jesus: My sweet one, the heart of God has no room for any anger and hate. You must stay rooted in love of Me. Relinquish any attachment to being wronged. You must forgive and be sorry for any of your words. You must always remain steadfast in My love. To get angry is not to spread My love. I am constantly by your side. Satan wants to create division. Only in union will My work be accomplished.

Pray for forgiveness. Forgive all those who have injured you. Your heart must be pure and full of love. I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God. You need a pure heart to love. I command you to love God and love one another. If others offend you, be silent. I was silent when they scoffed at and persecuted Me.

You will suffer from those closest to you. Pray for their fear. Do not get angered. Pray for union with your brothers. My work is only accomplished in love. Satan taunts all those involved to create division. Speak only from a position of love. You must love as I loved you. I loved those who persecuted Me. Love all those who are hurting. Pray for their fear. I am here, little one. I never leave your side. I will always watch out for you. When God loves you as I do, it wounds Me that you get so caught up in others. I am here and I am God and I love you. Your brothers are suffering. You must always love in order to do My work.

You will be tested. You will be tried. You must rid yourself of all anger. Let go. Surrender. Fall into My loving arms. I am here waiting to catch you when you let go. Clean your heart at every second. Satan is lurking about to divide you and cause dissension. I am God and I speak to you. Do not give in to Satan. You must remain My light that shines in the dark night. I Love You!

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