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I Need You United

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March 26, 1994

R. I realize more now how Mary's hand is always with us. She is present after Communion. I feel her presence all day. Wherever Jesus is, Mary is also. She is our loving mother. What love! Who are we to be so lucky to have such a loving mother and loving Father? The Father loved us so much He gave us His only Son. Oh, Father, you are so good to us. My beautiful Father and mother!

Mary herself suffered at the beginning of Your conception. She was not accepted but she said "yes". Do I say, "Yes, Lord", even when the road is tough? You, Jesus, said "yes" to The Father. Mary said "yes". Doing Your will is saying "yes". It is doing what you want, not what we decide is a good work. Doing Your will is not doing what I want to do. It is doing Your will, whether I want to do it or don't want to do it!

The more I love Jesus, the more I am compelled to do the will of God by such love. I aim to please My God and not offend Him. I love Him so much. What does He ask you to surrender to? Will you say "yes" or "no"?

Jesus: I am calling you to do My work. I am calling you to love. I am calling you to stay united. I am calling you not to give in to Satan's tauntings to divide you. Satan's grip is paralyzing and crippling. He lurks about and seeks to trip you up in your weakness. You must pray constantly to ward off his attacks to divide you. I need you united to do this work. I need you to stay rooted in love, always to love your brother. If he attacks you, be silent, offer it up, pray. See him suffering and needing your love. Do not respond in anger. To act as others act is not to spread My love. I call you to love of God, love of one another!

I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Will you say "yes" to love? Love is that by which this world will be healed. You are preaching about the ardent on-fire love of Jesus Christ. I call you to love one another, not to have anger. I call you to an ardent love of your brothers. I call you to love all of your brothers. You cannot be angry at one person and serve Me properly. Will you say "yes"?

I am Jesus Christ. I am the tenderest of all hearts. I come to you with deepest love. Suffer My Passion with Me. My heart was full of love and they whipped Me and beat Me, tenderest of all hearts, full of love for them who beat Me! It hurts to have those you love hurt you. I love you, sweet one, with My Godly love. I am all you need. I never change. I love you unconditionally. I love you the same each day. You learn such lessons in your trials! I am Jesus. I am here and I am your Savior.

R. Alleluia. Praise Him who ministers to our wounded hearts as no human can. He is God. He is Almighty. He is our all, world without end. Alleluia.

Jesus: When they persecute you and yell anything against you, they did it to Me first and they do it to Me again when they mistreat you. You are never alone. My mother is with you. She walked My walk on Calvary. Though we did not touch, our hearts were joined in such union. She walks with you the streets of this cold, self-centered world. She walks with you in your walk toward heaven. She is your loving mother. You are her beloved child.

Oh, child, let go and fall into the arms of Him Who loves you. They are the only arms that will sustain you and My mother is by My side.

R. Alleluia. Such love poured out on us!

Jesus: The more you strip yourself of you, the more you feel My touch.

R. Jesus is the tenderest of all hearts. He suffered so from our indifference.

Jesus: You write what I tell you to write. If "they" have a problem with it, it is their problem. That is like telling the interpreters in Medjugorje that you don't like the message!

R. Surrender. All through the Passion, surrender! Tied to a pole, beaten, led away, He sat without any comment and they put a dirty robe on Him. He sat in surrender while they hammered the crown of thorns into His head, surrendered while they taunted Him and laughed at Him. Surrender. They gave Him a cross, hit Him, kicked Him, spat on Him, struck Him with a stick to get up, treated Him awfully! Surrender. They led Him away, with Jesus totally complying to His death on the cross. How He hung in total surrender!

Jesus: When they persecute you for My sake, great will be your reward! Stand your trials. I was as the innocent lamb led to the slaughter. In the act of total submission to the will of The Father, I gave My life for His will. Say the Our Father. Thy will be done, Father. This, doing of His will, is worth more than a thousand prayers. This pleases Me, Him and the Holy Spirit.

Surrender your lives. Make your lives an act of total submission to God. Be as the little lamb being led to the slaughter. You will suffer persecution for My sake. My way is not to take up the sword. My way is in submission.

Do you see Me hanging in the act of total submission? Follow Me. This is My way for you. You want your own way. Follow My will. This weighs far more than any mortification. This pleases Me. I call you to total surrender. See Me dying on the cross in compliance with The Father's will. You surrender your lives to The Father's will. This is your guide, your inner promptings on what tells you His will.

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