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Things of This World Are Boring

God's Blue Book II Cover

March 31, l994

R. I must first know myself to die to myself. If I know what I want, but then let go of it for love of Him, I am dying to myself. He has taught Me the ways of myself and what I want, but to let go. To give in to Him is hard for me but, once I do, I am so glad because all else is nothing compared to Him.

The things of this world are truly boring compared to His great love. Oh, I love you, Jesus. Take my heart. Take my soul, use me as You so desire. I live for life in You. To die to ourselves is to truly live in Him.

Oh, sweet surrender, to find He wants more. But each time I die a little more to myself and my world here I come closer to Thee. The world is less and less my satisfaction and He is more and more my satisfaction.

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