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March 30, 1994 8:30 a.m.
At St. Gertrude

R. I cannot have division with any man. I must let go of my end of the problem. They can hate me, but I must love them.

Jesus: To My death they persecuted Me and yelled every slander against Me, but I remained silent and in love with My attackers. This is My way, to love those who attack you. If you pick up the sword, you will die by the sword. You must always choose love.

There is no room for hate and anger in a heart of God. You must always love those who persecute you. I am Jesus. I showed you the way. I loved those who tore My flesh. Can you not love your brothers in Christ who are hurting? Call them brothers. You are brothers in Me. They are not to be looked on as persons you are not akin to. You are brothers in Me. Love them as I love you. I love you in all your weaknesses. I love you in your darkest sin. I never abandon you.

Oh, My children, you must follow the Master. The way to Me is to model your life after Me. You cannot hate any man. You must love them as you love Me. The way to peace is love. Not tolerance, love! See them as your dearest friends hurting and coming to you in great pain. Put the self aside. Do not focus on yourself and being attached. Focus on their pain. Selflessness in all things leads to godliness. Remain selfless and see your brothers in their pain. Love. Love Me, love one another.

Come to My tabernacle. Come to Me after Communion. I give you My love and you can spread My love to your hurting brothers. The way to Me is the way of love. Hear Me, little ones. If you pick up the sword, you will perish by the sword. I call you to love. Nothing else matters.

The way to My kingdom depends on two things, love of God and love of one another. Not tolerance but real love, caring and giving. Give to those who are hurting. That is how I can live in you. My way is love in all things. Rid yourself of hate and resentment. Fight against the talk of Satan in your head to tell you you have been wronged. Remain selfless and love. What you do to the least of your brothers you do to Me.

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