Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

I Call You to Spread Our Love

God's Blue Book II Cover

March 29, 1994

Jesus: The devil is working to divide you. You were called to this Center to be the city set on the hill, to spread My light. You were sent there to spread the love of our Blessed Lady and My love. My way is love, not division. Each person has a part to play. The devil will try to get you to be at odds with one another.

My way is love, My way is to see My love in each person. Each person has a part to play. The city will only shine if all are united. To talk about your brother, to talk negatively to anyone on the outside, is to divide your city. You need to unite in My love. You need to pray for unity and to ward off Satan's evil attacks.

It is only in this unity that My renewal will be accomplished. Satan will strike you hard. He is busying himself by talking in your heads. This time of rebuilding is a time to rebuild the love in your hearts. After the tearing down, the wall is rebuilt stronger and better.

I love you. Jesus.

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