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I Want Pure Love

God's Blue Book II Cover

March 28, 1994

R. Thank you for the crosses that teach me such lessons, Lord.

Jesus: Oh, sweet one, I love you. I am here with you. Mary is here.

R. I smelled roses strongly after Communion. Mary is telling me to tell all how "where Jesus is, she, our loving mother, is always there." She is there in our closest moments with Jesus. She is our most loving mother. She never leaves our side.

Jesus: I am your God. I am with you. You will learn all the lessons I need to teach you to do My work. Do not fret or fume. Do not be busy as to what others are doing with My letters. Never be angered. Be only rooted in My love.

Pray, My child. Strip yourself of all that is worldly. You must not hold on to anything but the love of God.

Love all your brothers. Never respond with a hint of anger or judgment. You are not he who is to judge. You are only to love. Be selfless in how you respond. Do not justify your actions. Remain silent. I speak for you. Do not go back to your human ways to make yourself right. Only respond with the love of God. You are My servant to spread this love. Your lesson is that of pure love. You must rid yourself of all anger and resentment and focus only on My love. Do My will. My ways I make known to you. I teach you My lessons so sweetly. Take them.

When first you are taught, you will receive such benefits! Accept all your trials as rose petals from heaven. These are the ways you are drawn closer to My Sacred Heart. The way to Me is to pick up your crown and place it on your head. The crown is not the crown of glory, but the crown I wore. You will wear the crown. I will use you to spread My love.

Be humble and kind in heart. Be pure in your ways. You are being taught your lessons from Jesus Christ. All I give you is from Me. Accept what you are given. Cast the devil away. He aims to divide you and fill you with his hate.

I am love. I am union. I am God, one, true, magnificent, and I, child, come to you and love you. I, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, come and dwell in you, the same Jesus Who died on the cross. Rejoice for you are favored, My beloved.

I am your Jesus and I love you.

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