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I Will Teach You Mighty Lessons

God's Blue Book II Cover

March 28, 1994

Jesus: What comes forth is a sinner or a saint. You are being tested in fire. I am allowing what you are experiencing so that you will grow in your love of Me. As you struggle, you surrender more of those things around you and choose only Me.

You will be tested to the highest degree. You are suffering, you must stay rooted only in the love of Jesus! I am God. I know all the lessons you need to learn to do My work.

Do not make others wrong and yourself right. Seek only to love God. Pray for those who cause you discomfort. Remain silent and steadfast in My love. I will take care of your needs. Do not act. I am there and I will handle all your problems. I have spoken in these letters.

I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I want every letter to be heeded. This is doing My will. Take care of yourself. Do My will. Play with your children. Do everything I tell you. I accept you as you are, with the faults you have, and I teach you My lessons ever so gently. If you do not respond, I must increase My lessons. I use whatever measure I need to teach you the lesson you need to learn. I want faith in Me. I want your openness to Me. I want your surrender. I want you to do the will of God in all things.

I obeyed My Father's will to My death. Mary obeyed always the will of The Father. I am kind and gentle in heart, but stern in My ways to move you. How do I move My resistant children? I teach, you learn. If you do not listen to My teachings, I continue to teach the same lesson in proportion to how you will respond. I am forever teaching you just what you need to do My work. If you listen and accept all I send you and learn the lesson, your life is easier. If you do your will, I continue to teach you the lessons you need to learn. I will give you those lessons until you learn them. I am dealing with you directly every minute of every day. My hand is in all you experience. I allow all that happens to you. You are My beloved ones.

I am the teacher. You are My pupil. You go to My school to learn your lessons. I give you the tests you need to learn the lessons. I am Jesus. I love you so sweetly. You do not even comprehend a little of My love.

Trust in Me and Me alone. I am with you at this moment. Come and sit with Me in front of the tabernacle and after Communion.

I am Jesus, Son of the Living God.

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