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Don't Wait Until It Is Too Late

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January 10, 1994 3:30 a.m.

Jesus: Each knee must bow in reverence to the King. Each child must realize that he or she will someday be standing at the door to My kingdom. Each waits for entry and entry is based on your love here. Did you love God? Did you love your fellow man? Are you ready to claim an award that is fit for the glorious souls who served Me?

I am the Alpha and Omega. All that seems to give you momentary pleasure is so passing. The things of this world are so small compared to the things of God. Ready your hearts for a mighty King. He will come unannounced and blow His trumpet. All will be called from their places and all will be unable to leave. You will be summoned and, at that point, your free will will be gone.

Do you say, "But, Lord, Lord, I meant to serve you but it was too hard to let go of my selfish things. God, I know you call now, but I am not ready now. Can I go back and do some more good works? When You called me to love, I wanted to, Lord, but I wanted to do for myself, too. I knew I could have loved more and followed my heart, but, Lord, I don't know why I said no. I just always did."

I am Jesus, Son of God. At this point it will be too late. When I called and beckoned you in your life to serve Me and serve your brother, you said, "No, Lord." You watched a sick world parade its sick wares in front of you and you thought for a moment's pleasure you needed to be as the world instructed.

And I called you and I prompted you and others stood by and showed you My ways. And you said, "Oh, no, I need no ways of God. I love the world, sick or not, and I will be loyal to all its crafty ways. I didn't like the murder of the babies. I didn't like the homosexuality. I didn't think the filthy sex on TV was right, but I wanted to be loyal to the world so I accepted their sick ways and shunned you, Lord.

"At Your name I balked and I went along with a stiff jaw and a hardened heart and was taught the things of the world. I felt You, Lord, at the door of my heart. I knew You were there from time to time. I wanted to let You in someday, but, Lord, that day never came. Now I know You are truly here and You are beautiful. Let me live again and I will now put You in my life. Give me another chance, Lord. Now that I behold You and Your goodness, I see the error in my ways and I want to love You. I don't know why I turned my back on You. I just did."

You, My child, were willful. You plugged up My line to you and you chose sin instead of the ways of God. You took your life for yourself and you never once did My work. You shunned Me. You laughed at Me. You made fun of Me, but still went to church, just in case it was real. Blessed are they who have not seen and have believed. I was there at every turn. I paraded in front of you and I pursued you with a heart of Godly love, but you turned away and spit in My face. Your hearts became hard and your jaw stiff and you followed a road that lead you to the destruction of your soul.

I say to you, My child, now, before you are called by Me: why do you turn your back on Him Who loves you? Why do you battle for a devilish world when the tender heart of God waits for you? How can you, with this beautiful heart created for God and longing to love God, say, "No, God, I need you not," and turn to such sterile, sick, cold acts that the world gives you? Money is so cold. Do you feel the change you pick up? It is like ice! It does not warm a cold heart. It feels as it is, cold and hard. Dollar bills are paper, little pieces of used, dirty paper. You choose these things when a heart on fire with love of you waits by your side. You choose an evil society that murders babies and talk about your rights as a person when I preach dignity and love for you!

Oh, child, how I love you. If you are reading this letter, it is not too late for you. I stand hyper-vigilant by your side, with a heart ablaze for love of you. I wait for you every minute of every day in the tabernacle. I am all powerful. This world has no power. The world will vanish like smoke and My ways will last forever. I am so good! I have such gifts to give your hungry soul. You stand as a starved child who hasn't eaten in years. What would a meal do for such a person? I can give you what your soul hungers after. I can give you what you thirst for. Your soul never stops longing. It roams a cold world and looks for peace and finds none. Only in God will the searching soul find rest.

Quit going to the world, America. Your money is cold and your hearts are just as cold. You have lost touch with the warmth of Jesus. The devil has turned your hearts into ice cubes and you have silenced the longing for God in your chests so your jaws are stiff and you are hard-necked. You are going to be sorry. You missed the love of God. Nothing on this earth compares to His love and His goodness!

You missed peace and joy in your heart. You missed them. If you have eyes to read, listen to Me. Stop it! It isn't too late. Your world leads to the destruction of your soul. You are never going to be able to come back and live your life for Me again. I come as a thief in the night and you will not know the time or the hour. I will come unannounced. All that remains for you are the things of God. Your money, your house, your clothes, your car are all passing. Like the grass of the field, they die and you will live. You cannot take one thing with you on your journey to Me except your good works and the love in your heart.

Turn your life around. I wait for you at this moment with eager arms. I am alive in the tabernacle this day, waiting for your return. I am truly present, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, waiting there for you with all My gifts. Take the wall from your heart and let Me fill you. Your jaws will become tender and supple and you will know relief in your breast.

You are holding yourself away from that to which you are pulled. It is a magnetic attraction which the soul has to Me. You make a conscious effort to say "no" and pull yourself from Me. Silly ones, what will you do on that last day when I call you from your sleep and say, "Now your time is over"? Then it will be too late for you to come. Then your life will be over and you will have lost the reward of everlasting life. For a few years of willfulness you lost everlasting life. I have pursued you like an ardent lover. I walked before you and sent others to teach you the errors in your ways, but you were willful and you went your own way. Now you will pay the price for your willfulness forever. Is it worth that? For what?

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