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My Life in Your Hearts Cannot Be Contained

God's Blue Book II Cover

January 10, 1994
After Mass

Jesus: I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. My ways I have given to you. Follow the promptings in your heart. Read My letters here. I have spelled out My ways and I beckon you to come and follow.

My truth is truth indeed. Satan is the Master of Deception. He wants to trip you on your path. He wants to confuse you. He wants you to abandon the things of God and follow the world. He has made so much headway here. He aims to trip you up. My truths are planted in your heart. Your conscience tells you My ways. My Ten Commandments are given to you and I command you to follow them. The truth is the truth and he who stays connected to Me and the Holy Spirit and The Father knows My ways. It is in the promptings imparted in your chest that you know what the truth is. Pray to the Holy Spirit for the gifts here. He will give you all you need to know.

My life I give you. When you come and receive Me in Communion, you receive My life. It dwells in your soul. When you sit at My altar, you receive My presence in a special way. My life is inside of you and I become alive more and more in these letters. My life cannot be contained. I am active in your hearts. The more you grow in Me, the more you die to yourself and put on Me. My life radiates from your very soul. It shines from your eyes and is emitted from your being.

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. To know Me you must sit with Me in front of the tabernacle and let Me work in your heart. You must spend time with Me in silence. I cannot do My work if you are busy. I need your undivided attention. Come and make yourself empty. Let My light flow in and out of you, My empty vessel, and let Me operate within you. You are My instrument in a sick world. It is in your submission that I can work in your soul. Be totally selfless and rooted in Me. Come and be with Me in Communion and sit afterwards in front of My tabernacle. Such a powerful encounter, adoration before and after Mass! My truths I reveal to you, My little ones, out of great love for you, but you must come and be with Me. You must be alone with Me to be in union with Me. What union we will have together! I love you so, dear ones. Let Me work in your heart.

Amen, Amen, I say to you. Come and be with Me. Let Me fill you to the brim with My love. Time is short and you need to focus on only those things of the Lord. Though heaven and earth pass away, not one letter of the law will pass away.

R. And they came and they sat and He imparted to them such knowledge they scarce could believe their ears. They were taken back and knew it came from Him because only He knew such things!

Jesus: I sit here every day waiting for you as an ardent lover and you do not come to Me. Listen to My words here that you will know. I wait for your love. No one makes up your love to Me. I wait for you, little one. Come and be with Me.

I give you all you need. I know the ways of your heart far better than you yourself. I wait for your union with Me. Come, beloved of My Father. Come and know God. He waits for you here and wants to give Himself to you.

Oh, that you knew what a treasure you possess and you busy yourselves with such nonsense! This is the day of the Lord. Make ready a path for Him in your hearts! Turn yourself over to His care today. Give yourself totally to Him and let Him be the Master of your souls. You are My babies. I operate you and you do My work here. Be a baby. Babies sit and wait. They do not do their own thing. You be a baby! I am He Who loved you to My death. All I send you is out of Love.

Alleluia, Alleluia.

I have spoken that you will hear My words here. Alleluia.

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