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Jesus Will Handle This One

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January 11, 1994 5:00 a.m.

Jesus: Dear child, I am here. You are ready for this message. Times are short and the end times are near. You must busy yourself with only My work. I am calling you to constant prayer alone and with your children.

You must not lose sight of this work for an instant. I need you to do this work and to busy yourself with only this work. I am by your side and I never leave you. Don't ever be afraid. Whatever comes, I am protecting you. Get your focus back to your children. Have them go to Mass and Communion and pray the rosary. You must not think that anything but My work is important.

Do not question. Just do as I command you to do. I will care for all of the details. You do not need to worry. Worry is useless and of no account.

Know I am truly near you, protecting you at every turn. I do not ever leave your side. I am ever there, taking care of you. Just act as you are prompted. Your actions are coming minute by minute. Do not question, do not worry. Just be with Me at church and all through the day at home. Be constantly close to Me. When you spend too much time with others, our intimacy and that with your children suffer. Let today happen. It is not up to you to plan. I am guarding your children. Keep feeding your children My words and My work here. You are not reading these letters to your children.

Don't deviate for one moment. I will not move from your side. I am personally guarding each of you. I stay by your side and wait for your time with Me. Keep preaching the time in front of the tabernacle. Your friends are very stubborn and they have not committed themselves to Me. Even in their idleness, they travel other roads to Me. My road is found by praying in front of the tabernacle.

Do not worry about the book. Your job is praying to Me and writing letters. Come and open wide the gates of your heart. When you are distracted with worldly things, your heart is not open. Put your total trust in Me and My teachings for you. Do not think. This is not up to you. Your job is accomplished by being set in Me. I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. I speak to your heart. Listen with your heart, not only your mind.

Read My letters in front of the tabernacle. I speak to you there. I am ever vigilant and by your side. You are moving from Me. I never move away from you. Guard the door of your heart and let only My words penetrate there. Keep it a place for Me. Do not bring in any worry or distraction from the outside. What a loss of potential union with Me! The more you focus on Me and Me alone, the more you will be in total union with Me.

Do not ever worry. Say, "Jesus, You handle this one." Give it to Me and trust that I will take care of it. Do not worry. Just be as I summon you to be, endlessly in My love and mercy. I am here. You needn't think about your earthly cares. I will see to all that is necessary. You focus entirely on Me and My heart. Worry is so distracting to merging with each other. Say at the time, "Jesus will tend to my needs Himself. Jesus is tending to My needs." I remind you when you need to do something. Worry is entirely useless.

You pray and focus on your intense union with Me. Constant union, Spiritual Communion. I am always very intently united to you. You remain selfless, unattached and ready to do this work. You fly to the occasion when I give you your wings. You do not need to worry over anything. I tend to all you place in front of Me. I am so loving and so good. Go with peace in your heart. Take all distraction from your souls and come to be with Me.

I love you. I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. Trust Me at every moment. Not a question, only a union with Me! We are to be united all day. Never do we move away from this intense union. You operate but I am very intently connected in your heart. Feel My presence with you. How can you worry?

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