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You Are My Love, My Beautiful Love

God's Blue Book II Cover

January 12, 1994 3:40 a.m.

Jesus: I am the Good Shepherd. I know Mine and Mine know Me. They follow Me. See that you follow Me. My ways are steadfast and direct. I am He Who beckons you to come from your bed and write a message. You are not worthy to fasten My bootstraps, but I come to you out of much love.

Do not worry what you are to wear or put on, for I will make all details available to you. You are will have many little trials, none of which will overpower you. Do not be affected by their distractions. They are distractions from Satan. I am your Jesus, Son of God. I see to every detail and I am guarding you. I am an ardent lover and I watch your every need with utmost care. You do not know how I guard you. You need to let go of distractions and come to Me, totally dependent on Me for your every need. I love your dependency when you come to Me for your needs. I know you are waiting on Me and it makes Me very happy. I tend to your every need. I tend to every detail. I love you so. Come with the smallest problem.

I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am He Who knows all things. If you want the right answer, you have come to the right place. Don't miss the golden opportunity for My assistance. I watch, I wait and I am hyper-vigilant for you. You come in your need and it pleases Me greatly. Be dependent on Me for everything. I am not telling you to do anything on your own.

R. Jesus, I come, I answer, I listen to Your promptings. I obey and then I worry if I read them correctly because what you ask me to do is not of me. I love you so. Please set my mind at ease and please let me slip into Your Heart so I am just a reflection of Your glorious love for me. Please let me lose myself entirely and become Your little child, just lost in You.

Jesus: I am Jesus, Son of God. I want you to be absorbed in My love, to be lost in My heart. Now you need to focus on this concept of being overtaken and lost in Me. Satan plants many little irritating distractions in your way. Remember, I allow all of these to strengthen you and draw you closer to Me. You are tested in fire and what comes forth is a product of My love. Little distractions don't amount to much, but it is in these and how you handle them that you are able to grow in Me and develop trust in Me. Every trial is a golden gem on your path. Look at them as My blessings and accept them as they come. Strengthen yourself.

Be of clean heart and wait on Me in everything. I am so close to you. Know this is your heart. To experience Me in this way and not see Me is a great gift of faith. Thank God for all the gifts you receive. You will not be able to experience Me as you want and this will become harder and harder as you know Me more and more. But your knowledge will make it so real that you will experience pain, but not doubt. I am indeed here, little one. I tend to the smallest detail in your life. Come and lay yourself at My feet and feel My love for you. Just keep coming in Spiritual Communion and coming for union with Me. I love you so. You are My love, My beautiful love. Remember this when you feel weary: I truly, truly love you and long to be with you. Come and sit with Me and be in union with Him Who loves you, this moment, to the tiniest detail. I love you.

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