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Your Job Is Your Children

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January 13, 1994 4:00 a.m.

Jesus: I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. I come to give you a teaching to lift your heart. I am He whose bootstraps you are unworthy to fasten, yet I come with so much intense love for you. Hold tight to My words. Busy yourself only with the things of the Lord. Do not ever miss Mass and Communion and the opportunity to come and pray with Me after Communion in church. Nothing else you do all day is more important than these things and My time with you.

The world pulls you away from Me. You are taunted and distracted by Satan to get you from prayer. You plan all day and then, oh, it didn't work out. You need more structure to your prayers with the children. At nine o'clock you should pray the rosary and at three o'clock, or as close as possible, the Divine Mercy Chaplet. You need to say your Holy Spirit prayers before you fall asleep. Every night you are asleep during these prayers. Read these letters every day in the car. Make sure your children read them.

I am Jesus and I am writing to you. Anyone who does not read these letters is a fool. I am alive, truly here writing to you this day. What a treasure! They should be knocking down your door! Tell all of these letters. They will save many souls. Once they are published, word of mouth will really spread this book. These letters are so powerful. Jesus writes to you here with such tender love!

Oh, how I love you, little ones. There is no way you will ever know of My intense love. Your prayers are more important than school--you don't miss school any days. Your prayers are more important than eating--you never miss that. You need to feed the soul every day or it becomes very hungry and Satan moves in. I want to be in union with you. I long for this as you do. I am a tremendous lover, an ardent heart. I wait for you to come and be with Me. I am there every minute. Surely you realize that nothing does for you what prayer does.

In this busy, sick world, your salvation is to be found in front of the tabernacle and at Mass. Don't ever give up such a golden opportunity to receive Jesus inside yourself.

I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Now you understand more of these things than you once did. It is in My way that you are filled. It is not in your way. Offer up your life to Me. Let Me possess your soul. You need Me every second of the day.

Your children need this prayer life. That is why a set time is important. Play with your children every day. Pray for guidance. Do not waste your valuable time. Satan is a master of distracting you before prayer. Your children need more than school and food. Remember that you are responsible for their religious development. You are accountable to Me for their souls. They are little. They need your direction in prayer. Enough is never enough. By your example, and how you classify this as important, you teach a mighty lesson

Tell your children of My wonderful love for them and how I wait for them to be with Me. I have great things in store for each of My children. I need you to teach them the way and the truth, and My life will come alive in their hearts. You need to spend time playing with them. Play and time in fun is very important.

I am Jesus. Don't worry about anything. Just do as you are told. Let Me tend to the details. You don't have any time to deliberate. You need to do My will instantly. I am guarding your every step. Come and be with Me and let Me instruct you in your heart. I am eager for your silent prayers with Me. Sit in silence and let go. I love you so much. You are so precious to Me.

I am Jesus and I love you. Such honor for you! Remember, I am most important in your life and your children's lives. You are a most important figure in their lives. It is through you I teach them mighty lessons. You need Me to take charge of you so you teach all they need. You can't do it the way you need to without Me. Turn yourself entirely over to Me and let Me operate from your soul.

Oh, I want to use you. You are so valuable to Me. The mother of these children--this is a most important job. All others are so insignificant! Take it with seriousness. I gave it to you and you know it. It is My will!

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