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I Give You Dignity and Honor

God's Blue Book II Cover

January 13, 1994 3:45 a.m.

R. You are the God of all ages. You are Father, Son and Holy Ghost. At Your name the heavens bow and the earth is summoned to give glory to the one, true God. He is a King in our midst and we are honored by Him and His glory.

We are raised to such heights by His love for us. He gives us dignity. He gives us direction. We must come and bow down before Him for He is deserving of all honor and praise.

Alleluia. God has visited His people.

Jesus: I came in such poverty and such quiet, yet I am the King of Glory. Do you not know Who I am that you treat Me with such irreverence? Why do you run after such worthless things when I, God, wait in My glory for you. I have all the power in heaven and on earth. No power is had without Me. You may think you have some, but I possess all the power.

I give you dignity and honor by My love for you. To go to the world and turn your back on Me is a very sick thing. The world is in a very sorry state. It has become a godless society. It has tried to make itself God and it has made its own rules. The world will ruin itself. A godless society cannot survive. It will corrupt from within and destroy itself.

What arms do you use to fight this godless world? You go to Jesus and He fills you with all your arms. Jesus is the answer. His love is the answer to your struggle. Let go of it all. None of this matters: what you are to wear, where you live, who likes or dislikes you, your car. All that matters are the things of God. Love of God and love of neighbor.

Go to God for all you need. He makes the crooked ways straight and He furbishes the starved soul. He is the author of the book of your life. Go to God and ask Him to write your life according to Him. Do the will of The Father!

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