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The Soul

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January 14, 1994 4:30a.m.

Jesus: Take your time and listen now, for I want to tell you about the soul. The soul is the spirit of the body. The soul was created for God and God alone. The soul is mightier than the body. Nobody sees it, but the soul is the spirit to the body!

To have happiness, joy, peace and love, you must tend to the feeding of the soul. The soul is fed by God alone. It was created by The Father to know, love and serve God. To give the soul material goods and expect that to suffice is useless. Only God can feed the soul.

The soul affects the whole operation of the body. If the things of the soul are nurtured, it grows in its love of God and is a vibrant force inside the body. If the things of God are ignored, the soul withers and the spirit of the body dies. All that is tender and loving is dismissed and the heart and eyes that reflect the soul become hard and hollow!

There are as many hearts as there are faces. The heart reflects the condition of the soul. To be void of God, one's heart is hard. It lacks happiness, joy and love. There is no way a person void of God can be happy. There is no way a person void of God is loving.

It is God within Who feeds your soul and you experience the life of Him. This gives the soul a feeling of happiness. To be void of God is to be in a state of sin and no soul is happy in the state of sin.

Feed the soul with soul food. Nothing else can feed a spiritual being. To give a soul material things is useless. The soul is not material. It cannot be touched or felt with the fingers. It can only be fed in the spirit.

Feed the soul the love of God. Then your heart will be free and alive in your chest. You will have peace in your soul and love in your chest. You will never acquire total happiness and peace on earth. Little glimpses I give to you, but you will be in a state of happiness and peace knowing God. I am the Way, the Truth, the Life. He who abides in Me will have the light of life.

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