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January 2, 1994

Jesus: My heart is ablaze for love of My dear children. I want each to understand My love. Each child is given a free will to choose Me or reject Me. Many have gone so far from the first commandment! It is My commandment that makes all the others work. If I am first, all the others follow. The world drives you away from God. God is looked on without respect. To take My name out of schools is preaching a mighty lesson to children about God. It is so sad for a young child to be subjected to a school that does not mention the name of God all day. This is in violation of the first commandment. It teaches the children that God is not someone to honor. It is so vile to teach a child such a sick thing. Your country was founded on God. Your songs reflect the love of God. Your money talks of God. And now America is a Godless society.

Sex is worshiped and God is dismissed. What a way to try to operate, void of God! A country void of God will decay from within. It is so sad for the children. Pray for your children, America. It makes My heart so sad to think of a little child being taught everything void of God. God is disrespected and laughed at. Sex is made your god. Schools teach sex and never mention the word of God. Tell the kindergartners--little babies--about means to safe sex! Are you sick, America?

Man has glorified himself to the heights of God and he believes he is that powerful. Man is sick and his ways are sick and what he teaches is anything but the truth. Children are being taught such sick things in schools. I lament the hearts of the children. These messages need to reach My children so they know of My intense love. These messages will feed the starved souls of many. They are of top priority. You don't know how vile your system is because you have become numb to live here.

My ways are direct and clear. My ways are truth. Each child has a conscience and each one has the ability to know the truth in his heart. Be of a clean heart so you will spread My truth to all. Your light shining in the darkness makes the world take notice of Me. Keep up with all of your endeavors to know Me. Live the truth and pray! Every day, pray for everyone--they need to be prayed for. Busy yourself each day praying for your brothers. Make in your New Year a special intention to make God first and last in your life! Make Him your center.

I love you. Alleluia. Amen.

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