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I Walk By Your Side

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January 3, 1994 6:00 a.m.

Jesus: My precious child, I am here with you. You are never alone. Continue to pray and be of a light heart. I never leave your side in all your trials. My hand is upon you and all your cares go away for I walk with you whither you go.

I am the Good Shepherd. I know Mine and Mine know Me. I walk by your side and I lift you up in your adversity. Place all your cares in Me and do not worry for a thing.

Your life here is a fleeting moment, here today, gone tomorrow. Focus on every moment and how you can spread My love. Do as you think I want you to do. Let this be your measuring stick--say at this moment, "What does Jesus want me to do?"

Come unto Me, My little ones. I never grow tired or weary. I am always by your side waiting for your time with Me. When a problem arises, carry that problem to My feet, place it there and walk away. This is the freedom of trusting in God. There is not one problem that you have on this earth that I cannot handle. Do you truly trust in Me? Then leave your troubles with Me and be off smiling and spreading My love.

Spend time with Me every day in prayer. Schedule prayer into your daily routine. If you change the time every day, it is easier to skip it. I am first in your life so I should have My time. Just as with your work, schedule time alone with Me. The more you make Me first, the more things will fall into line in your life.

You do not have time for doubt. Satan is ever around to fill your hearts full of indecision. Cast him out and proceed steadfastly on your way to Me. I hold your hand and I walk down your path with you. Do not think, "Oh, this one is too hard for Him." This one is the one you need to drop at My feet! I am ready and waiting for you to come!

Do not be troubled about anything. If you feel you have wronged your brother in any way, say you are sorry and move on. Satan wants to constantly taunt you and make you full of fear. He has no power in a heart that is wed to Me.

Little one, I am constantly by your side. Listen and be taught by Me. I know the inner workings of the soul and I know all you need at every moment. Lay your cares at My feet. Tell Me your problems as you would a trusted friend and then know that I am working on the solution. You do not have to fret about anything in your life. I am like a good mother who cares for the needs of her infant. Remember, you are My baby and I am hyper-vigilant and by your side. I pick you up and hold your little, scared body. I give you warmth in your heart and your doubts and troubles fade away. Trust and faith are the answers! Do not belabor any points in your head. If Satan can find anything to taunt you with, he will, and will keep taunting you.

This is My ship and I am at the helm. You are My servant. You do as I command you to do. You try your best and then go your way. If you see room for improvement, you learn your lesson and go on. You cannot ever re-live one moment of your life.

To fret over the past is an entirely useless action. If you can learn the lesson, the experience was not all bad. Every day you are in school learning lessons on how to be Christ-like. It is a school you never graduate from on this earth. It is a battle every day to do as I would do. Sometimes you lose your focus and your ways are not the best ways. Whatever you learn today about My life is a good lesson.

I am the tenderest and kindest of hearts. Ask yourself, "What would Jesus do? What do I think He wants me to do?" Do not busy yourself doing a useless task I would not do. My focus is on showing love. You must love the Lord your God with your whole heart and love your brother as yourself. This is My way. Pray at every moment during the day to do the acts I want you to do.

I love you, little ones. Do not spend your time looking back, but look forward to this day that you will live as I most want you to. Forget the past and how you were wronged. Forget your past deeds if you have repented. Forget the ways you could have and didn't! Just focus on the job at hand, which is to love your God and your brothers this moment of this day.

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. I give you from My bounty. You receive life from My precious heart. Come to Me and let Me fill you with the gifts for your soul. I am eager to give to you this day. You do not want when I am with you!

I love you, little baby. Let Me care for you constantly. I am here at every moment. I am watching your little steps. As a loving mother guards her child, so I guard you. Now make yourself totally empty and place yourself in My care. Be selfless and unattached to any of the cares of this world. I will go with you on your way and you will know peace in your hearts.

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