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What Comes Forth: Sinner or Saint?

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January 28, 1994 6:40 a.m.

Jesus: I am with you, My child. Never think I leave your side. You are so precious to Me. Though you walk in raging waters, you will not be consumed. Your heart is Mine. Focus on Me and your love for Me. Satan is always there. Do not ever listen to him. He is trying to distract you.

Come to Me, all who are weary, and I will give you rest. You are tested in fire and what comes forth is a sinner or a saint. You must hold tight to Me and know I will give you all you need to fight your daily battles.

I want to strengthen you and deepen your commitment to Me. You must know that this too shall pass and you will be closer in your union with Me.

I am your all. This time here is so short, here today, gone tomorrow. Stay steadfast in My ways. Pray to Me constantly. I am your all. You must focus on Me now.

You will be tested in fire and go forth a sinner or saint.

R. Jesus, it is love of You I feel, deep in my breast and inexpressible. To be bottled up with such love but not behold You as I want, to know you a little but not a lot, to be so close to You but so far away!

Come, Oh come, Lord Jesus, come and dwell in my heart. Make my heart a heart on fire for love of You alone. Teach me Your ways that I may never stray from Your side. Hold me. Comfort me. Love me. Fill me with Yourself. Jesus, Jesus, I come and am engulfed in a sea of despair. You pick me up and caress my little heart and I know truly Your presence within me. It is not a myth. You are truly a Person. You are truly here. If I just sit this out, the anguish will leave and I will be made whole in You. What a union! To be united after spiritual bankruptcy. Loss of God is the greatest torment. Let me never displease You in the ways I am. I want to love You alone and live for You alone. Help me every day to become selfless. Satan is constantly bringing me back to myself! I want to live for You and You alone, to be lost inside of You in a little pocket and immersed in Your love. Tuck me away in Your heart so I might know Your love and Your ways. Let me die to self to live only in You. I am Yours. I give myself totally to You!

My true love is in Jesus, the one, true, magnificent God. He is worthy of all honor and praise. At His name every knee should bend and we are made whole in Him. To Him come and worship. Be ready. He is truly your bridegroom. He is the bridegroom of your soul. Your soul craves this union with Him. The soul's craving is far more powerful than any craving of the body. The soul craves the love of Jesus. His name is exalted. He is honored and adored. The trumpet blares and He comes forth to meet us. This is the bridegroom of our souls. We are immersed in His peace and love and we are made whole by Him. We do not do anything.

In our trials we are taught mighty lessons of His love. Alleluia. Praise God for our trials, by which we are taught. Praise Him, the holiest in the heights! May He be honored and adored and worshiped by all of His people. He is worthy of our all!

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