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For Love Of Us He Suffered

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January 29, 1994 5:00a.m.

R. Quietly the Son of Man accepted death. He was led as a little lamb to the slaughter. Mary followed the nightmare path. She did not cry out to stop it. She followed. Jesus complied totally with the will of The Father!

He was God. At any moment He Himself, with all His power, could have stopped it and fixed His attackers. He could have stopped them but He continued on His way in silence and torture. He accepted the will of The Father. He was slain, He was bruised, He was bloodied, He was hit and spit on, He suffered and suffered and suffered, yet He accepted His sufferings without rebuke to His death.

He was the innocent lamb. He was led to the slaughter. He was the victim. He wore a crown of thorns. His face bloodied and beaten, blood pouring down His cheeks, His eyes covered with blood, His ears full of blood, His hair matted up, and He did not say a word! He was the Word! He could have, in an instant, stopped it all but He came to do this and He accepted it all willingly for love of us.

What love He has for us, to go through such torture to a death on the cross! He hung, His arms outstretched in acceptance, nailed down as if not able to move. But He was God. He could have at any moment come off the cross, but He did not. He was silent. He loved us so much!

This is God. Out of greatest love for us and obedience to His Father, He went through this torture in silence and to the point of death. His love so great, His thoughts on us, He gave us His beautiful mother as our mother.

Who are we that God loves us so? Who are we that God came to earth a man and undertook all this for us? Who are we? We are His chosen people. What does He ask of us in return? Only love! He, in His great love, went through such a brutal Passion and death willingly and He asks us to love Him and love one another. He gave love that we may see how to love. He gave His all for love of us.

Who are we that we feel alone and unloved? We only need to see Him hanging on that cross, His hands outstretched, crowned with thorns, nails pounded into His hands and feet, covered with blood, to know how God loved us! God The Father, to send His only Son as a victim, God the Son to suffer so brutally and God the Holy Spirit for His love in the Blessed Mother to bring forth such a child, God-made-man!

God is as He is. He is all loving. Do we understand this love? Never can we, with our feeble minds, understand this love of God. I do not understand His love. It is the love of God and I am a mere human. I know He loves me. I have no idea what the love of God is all about. I cannot understand it, not in my earthly form.

Oh, Jesus, open me to Your love. Let me meditate more on Your Passion to realize how You truly love us. It is in understanding Your love that I am freed. I need worry of nothing when God loves me this much. What more do I need when I see His love? I need not the love of the world. I can give His love back to the world. I see His love. I love Him and I love my brothers. Help me, Lord, to know Your love, to love my brothers and to love You.

The more I realize His love for me, the less I need human love. I need only His love. The more I realize His love, the more I can love my brothers. I do not come from a place of needing love, but from a place of giving love, giving His love to others through me.

Help me, Lord, to be closer and closer to You. Help me to accept my trials and learn of Your love. Do not let me throw back into Your face the opportunities to know You and Your ways better.

Oh, sweet, loving lesson taught from Our Lord! He sits with us at His feet. He is clothed in a white tunic and a red mantle. With His hands outstretched He tells us His beautiful lessons. We, His little ones, sit and listen to His teachings.

Every day in our lives is such a day for His teachings. Every day He sits and every day we can listen and be taught by the Master. Oh, Lord, make me know Your ways more clearly in the teachings You give me every day in my life. Thank You for the little trials which so sweetly teach us Your ways. We are tested in fire. What comes forth is a sinner or a saint. Lord, help me to emerge from Your fire a saint. Let my eyes be opened wide by the Holy Spirit so I have the wisdom and understanding to know all You teach me daily. Open me up. Let my life be an open door for You to come in and use me as You so desire. Mold me, fashion me, teach me, live in me, make me selfless to You, my Lord, so You can operate from me. I am Yours. I give You my all.

Oh, Lord, it is not we who do this work. It is by the fire of Your love that we are tested and emerge as Your vessels. Oh, how I love Thee, Lord, all holy, all magnificent, all good. Who are we to have such a good God. We are His heirs. We have a divine lineage. We are His! If I run to the heavens or to the mountains, wherever I go, I will never be able to run from my God. He begot us to be His and I am fooling myself. Make me Yours, God. I give You my all!

Jesus: You will learn mighty lessons in your trials. I am the teacher, you are My pupil. Walk the Passion with Me, take up your cross, follow Me. The way to Me is the Way of the Cross.

The world is out for the world. It follows idle pursuits. Its main goal is to have instant pleasure. It seeks not for the hereafter. It busies itself with all the details at hand. It operates in a box, unable to see the view in front of it, instant pleasure and gratification.

R. There is before you the unseen world. You can see the workings of the Lord. You can know how real this world truly is, but only by power of the Lord. Lord, make me know Your ways. Holy Spirit, remove the blinders from my eyes and give me clear vision. Take the box from me and let me see with new eyes. Give me Your gifts and open me up.

Jesus: I am Jesus, Son of God. I am present at every moment, by your very side. I am your teacher. I am your love. I am your God. If you do not pray, pray to the Holy Spirit and The Father, you will miss all there is to see.

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