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Let Go, Surrender to Me

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January 30, 1994 6:40 a.m.

Jesus: I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. I am with you constantly. If you have problems, I am by your side. Cling to Me and My Sacred Heart. Are you willing to go to the end of the limb and run the risk of its cracking off because you know I will catch you? This is trust. You cannot think and plan and wonder what is to come. You live minute by minute, assured that this is My plan for you. Trust that I am truly Jesus Christ. I am truly by your side and you truly need to stay constantly fixed in Me.

Your time is coming and it will appear as if you are truly suspended in midair. Your life is not yours. You have rendered yourself to Me. You cannot take back your life now. I will use you for this work and you will touch so many hearts! For the love of Jesus, your job will not be hard. Say, "For the love of Jesus, I do this. I do this for the love of Jesus. I love Jesus. I act for Him."

Say the Prayer for Union. Memorize its contents. This keeps you focused on Me and not yourself. You can no longer operate and think of your actions. You must totally trust in Me and all I send you. Let go. Do not focus on yourself for one moment. You need so much time in silence in front of the tabernacle. You need to sit quietly and be totally alone with Me. No distractions.

Satan is planting distractions in your mind. I am your true love. I am your focus. You operate from love of Me. Any focus on yourself and what you think you want or need is detrimental to the peace in your heart. Your soul craves this time with Me. If you do not spend it, your unrest is so great. You are taunted by Satan. You must surrender all of you and give yourself over to this work. Let Me carry you to heights by becoming selfless. I will carry, you will go. You will not think. I will teach through you. I will operate your mouth. You will speak of My love. You must engulf yourself in Me so you are steadfast in My ardent love.

Your love is steadfast and true. Focus on Me and My Passion. I am ever there helping you to pray in silence. You are too distracted. Only prayer alone with Me will quiet your little heart.

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