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I Am The Good Shepherd

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January 30, 1994 6:40 a.m.

Jesus: I teach, you listen. I am Jesus, the Son of God. Do you wander a barren desert in search of treasure? Have you found any on your way? Do you ever, on this earth, say, "Oh, now I possess the true treasure and my heart is at rest?"

Restless is your heart until you rest in Me. You search a barren desert, you find a would-be treasure in the field, you possess it for an instant and it is gone. The glow, the wanting, the yearning and then it is over. You seek, you find. You are soon bored. You seek a person, "Oh, this one will make my life happy." You avidly work to attain another's love. You receive, you have, you are bored. "Is that all there is?," you ask. Only the love of Jesus is long lasting. My love is all that is not momentary. You come to Me, you seek Me, you find peace. You know your search is not in vain. You know that your journey has begun to the true treasure. Your heart is ready for what God has to give you and you are not bored. You want more. The more you seek Me, the more you want Me. You crave union with God.

Oh, to know Me a little but not enough, to want to be close, but not be as close as you desire! I am the Good Shepherd. I hold you, I comfort you, I watch you fumble around. You little lambs, I watch you follow even when you do not know where you are going. I watch you on your feeble search for your goal. You wander, you bump into each other, you go to the end of the hill, you roll over. You are little sheep. I stand by your side. I lead you. I am ever present, but you get caught up in your limited vision and you look to those around you for your lead and then you say, "Oh, how did I get so far off course?"

I am the Good Shepherd. I lead. You must follow Me. If you watch the Good Shepherd, you are not lead astray. I love you and I guide you. You watch others and they know no more than you. They are led astray by those sheep around them. Who knows the way, the Shepherd or the sheep?

Keep your eyes on Jesus. Come and find your way in front of the tabernacle. Come and be alone with Me, all day in short periods of silence. Close your eyes at your work and bring your thoughts entirely back to Me. Make a Spiritual Communion.

The sheep that surround you today are very much off their course. They wander aimlessly about and many follow roads that are directly leading to sin. Do not look to your co-workers and your TV. You need Me on your journey each day. Stop often and be in union with Me. If you do not take time to be silent and alone, even at your work, your mind gets cluttered and you may be led astray.

You must be in constant union with Me. To pray to Me is good. You need a deliberate act of silence and time to be absolutely alone with Me. It may be three minutes at work, but those three minutes may save you in such a wayward world.

I am the Good Shepherd. I know Mine and they follow Me. You need My constant care. You need My constant direction. You need constant, uninterrupted periods of silence. At lunchtime you can go somewhere alone for three minutes and feed your soul. Feed your soul as you feed your body. If all you ate were breakfast, you would become crabby. You need this little break with complete silence. It is like eating a snack. It is like eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. Your world is so wayward. Take a few moments of silent time with Me throughout the day. It will keep your focus on Me and give Me a moment to charge you.

I am so loving to you. You need to operate from My love. This is your charge. This is your way. This is to keep you on your course. I am the Good Shepherd. You follow, I lead, not in the morning, then you go it alone all day. I lead all day. Your short periods of silence with Me will keep you on course. Come and be led by the Master. I am He Who loved you to My death. I am He Who does not let you go astray. I am He Whom you seek in this endless search for happiness. I am He Who is, your God, your one, true, love!

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