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Only Jesus Can Warm You

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February 1, 1994 4:10 a.m.

Jesus: I want to tell you more about My love. As I walked the road to Calvary, as I suffered, My thoughts were for love of you. My Father allowed Me to suffer such anguish for this love of you. What love, My child? Do you know a little of this love or do I need to tell you more? You cannot in your earthly mind ever understand, even a little, My intense love.

Now you, in all your longings for love, only need the love of Jesus to warm you. My heart is ablaze for this love of you. Flutters and warmth in your heart are nothing compared to the intensity of My heart burning intensely for love of you. A furnace? Yes, more intense than the hottest fire, brighter than any eye can even see, My heart burns with an ardent fire. The love you feel in your chest is burning for love of Me. You do not even know how you are growing in your heart from loving Me. I am He Who sets your heart on fire. Your love is indeed intense because I loved you first.

With the heart burning deep within your breast, you will love this world for Me. I fill you with My ardent, burning love and what flows from you to others is that flutter you feel in your chest for love of Me. I am here with you, little one. Your love for others grows deep within you because I am the source of your love. To know Me is to love. I am the fire that lights the hardened heart, a heart turned to ice.

Hearts are, oh, so different! Hearts express the emotions within. The more you are fixed in Me and My ways, the more your heart burns with My love. Your pain of longing for Me on Christmas was such an intense pain because it hurt to be separated from Me. You feel this pain deep in your heart because of such longing for Me.

As you experience Me more, your heart expresses your feelings in your chest. My heart is on fire for love of all My beautiful children. I loved you to My death. I could have, at any moment, not continued or completed such an act of perfect love but, for the great love of you and obedience to My Father, I died a brutal death on a cross.

Meditate on this. Think of My anguish, My torture, so great compared to your little crosses! Will you not carry My cross awhile for Me? Will you say "yes" when I come to you dripping with blood and ask, "Will you suffer for love of Me?" I suffered a brutal death for love of you. It is in suffering and pain and anguish that you are drawn close to My precious heart.

Accept all that will befall you now as I send these trials out of great love. It is in your trials that you are taught My mighty lessons. I am giving you strength in this trial. Know I love you with the most ardent heart on fire for love of you and you alone. Feel Me as your personal lover. I can be this way with each child. I am God. I am all powerful. I am mighty and I have chosen you, My little one. The fires will not engulf you because My love will be your shield.

Alleluia. I am God. I have all the power.

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