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I Long For You!

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February 2, 1994 5:10 a.m.

Jesus: Help for you, My child? Pray constantly! You must not give in to any trap Satan has set for you. Focus on My love for you. You must study all My letters for the words of love I give you. Studying My letters is different than reading them. Read My letters as coming from your lover. You would re-read and dote on every word for hidden meaning. Read a letter this way to try to understand exactly how much I love you.

Constantly focus on My love for you. This is the key to your being entirely filled within. When you are filled by My love, your soul is not hungry. You operate from a place of strength. You have so much to give.

I want you to always be a light in the dark night, to shine to those who are bowed down. Satan constantly works to distract you and keep you from being totally free to receive all I want to give you. Every day this week he has attempted to take our morning prayer time. You need to spend this day in prayer. Pick a day a week that is a total prayer day. You have a date with Me all day. Do not talk on the phone to others. Tell them you must be with Jesus. You pick a day for others but, when I call, you are "called by others." I want a whole day for you to pray. Only I come first.

(R. I smell roses)

Jesus: I go with you whither you go. I am always by your side. When you are alone, think of how much I love you. Meditate on My Passion. This is the answer to all your prayers.

Read and re-read anything that is a worthy source concerning the Passion. It is in studying My way to Calvary that you understand My immense love. It is in understanding My immense love that you are able to love your brothers for Me.

Become selfless, pray the Prayer for Union with Jesus. You are focusing on yourself. I do not want you to do this. Be as an empty vessel, ready to be primed by Me. I fill you with all I need to give you and you are unclogged and able to flow freely. I need you totally fixed in Me to do My work.

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. I come to you in Holy Communion, the same Jesus that died on the Cross out of so much love. I wait for your presence with the dearest love. I am a Person. I am present in the Eucharist. I want to be in total union with you. I give you My Body and Blood. I give it out of the greatest love. When you receive Me in the Eucharist, focus on Me and My love to come to you, this way, this day. I could at any moment choose to quit coming. Think of what that would mean to your heart! Treasure each moment with Me with such specialness. You, a mere human, receive God-made-man. He comes to you and He enters into your sinful body. I am Jesus, Son of God. Focus on the event at hand! Let Me dwell in you with such honor. You must be prepared for Communion and My Mass. Think of it before Communion. Anticipate your being wed to God.

People prepare and prepare for their wedding. Every detail is tended to. You prepare for a guest and anticipate your time together. Think of how it will be when you receive God in Communion. Anticipate the event with such eagerness that, when you go to My Communion, you are so filled with love that you scarce can breath. You need to see Me as a Person, so full of love and coming to you in the Holy Eucharist to be wed to your soul. It is in your preparation that you will receive such gifts from this union with Me.

Do not run into church hurried. When you awake at night, think of Me and how you will receive God the next day. Anticipate this union with such eagerness. Constantly make Spiritual Communions with Me. It is in realizing My love with you constantly that you will be ready for His Majesty when He comes. A King comes to you. I enter your body and unite with your soul. I am the King of the Kingdom of Heaven. I have chosen to be with you on this very day. You are favored so by My visit to you. I am your lover. I am a person. I want you to want Me with such longing.

You must think of Me all day to be able to long for Me. Think of Me as you do a lover. I am crying out to you, My little ones, I am crying out. I love you and I long to be with you. I come to be united with your soul in the Eucharist. I come to you in the tabernacle. I am your love, I am waiting to be with you and share so much love with you.

You swoon to have your lover with you, yet you come to Me with such coldness. I want your ardent love. I want you to love Me with all your hearts. I want you to realize that I am God and I am a Person and I am sitting, longing for you, little ones. I love you as God. No human person can even come close to My loving you.

What more can I say to you, little hearts? I am Jesus, the Son of God. I love you with the most intense love. I am the lover you crave. I am your all. You are constantly searching this barren land for that which only I can give you.

I am waiting with intense longing for you. I am wounded by your lack of love for Me. I am wounded by the indifferent attitude by which you receive Me in Communion. Such indifference, and I am a lover burning on fire for love of you! This wounds My aching heart!

My people, know how I love you. Come and run to My altar. Come and be alone with Me as you would any precious lover. But, My little ones, I am God. One glimpse of Me and My true love will send you to such heights!

Pray for guidance to be better united with Me in Communion. Focus on My love, not your problems and distractions. They go away when you are filled by Me. My child, I am tending to your life, I am tending to My work through you. You must tend to our love affair and your union with Me. This is where it all is. You are receiving God, truly present in the Eucharist. You are sitting with God, truly present in the tabernacle. God has all the power. He has all love. He is all you need. You wander foolish lands in search of a treasure and the treasure is right in front of your eyes.

Oh, little ones, come. I am here in the tabernacle, Body and Soul, waiting and waiting. I lament the loss of your love and your indifference. I long for you as a real Person. I am an ardent lover on fire for love of you. You cannot even comprehend My love. Oh, I beg you, come in your busy lives and seek the real treasure. Come, My little ones. I am He Who longs for you. I love you so much.

I love you. Jesus.

R. My whole life I searched for the perfect love. Do you look to all those around you for this deep and ardent love that only God can give? Do you look for love in each other, in your children, in your things, for the perfect love? Who will fill you? You are unable to be filled. There is never enough. You search, you find. You marry, you have children. You have friends, yet there is still an emptiness, so you search further. This emptiness can only be filled by the love of Jesus. Others wave in and out. Sometimes they satisfy you. Sometimes they leave you heartbroken. When you go to Jesus, you are filled by His love!

Jesus: I am He Whom you seek. Why do you look in every corner and never realize how truly simple this is? I am Who am. I am all you need. When you come to Me, I fill you. You come empty, you leave full. You can give to those who are hurting because you have been filled by Me. How do you love the unloving, those who never give but take? How did I love those who persecuted Me? How did I love the very people who beat Me and condemned Me to death? How could I, in My agony, dying on the cross, look to John and give all of you My mother? My thoughts were on you, My child, in My agony, dying on the cross.

I could do all these things because I love as God loves. I want to give you My love so you can minister to your sick brothers. So you can love when they hate. I want you to touch their souls as I did so many when I responded with such love to such violence. I want you to love with the hearts of God. To do this you must come to Me for your love. Search you no more a barren desert. Come to the land brimming with milk and honey. I will fill you to the brim and over. You will walk and not get weary. You will fly on eagles' wings and you, My child, will be My minister to those who desperately need your love.

R. How to love God on this earth is not all we seek. We are drawn to Him as steel to a magnet, yet our souls crave union with Him totally. To behold the face of God and to embrace Him totally! In my earthly form, I can never behold God as I crave. I seek, I find. It is God Whom I seek, only to realize that I cannot behold Him here as I crave.

The more I know God, the more I realize that to know Him is never enough. I have a bittersweet feeling in my chest of beholding God, but never enough. (Refer to the message of January 5).

At some times I feel God's presence and am satisfied more than at others. Sometimes my heart is in such intense longing that it is painful. Oh, the ways of the heart. God is truly that which our heart craves, but we have so many ways we know and feel Him. Sometimes we are feeling great, sometimes not so good, but our souls know that only in Him are they at rest.

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