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My Heart Aches for You

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February 6, 1994 5:00 a.m.

R. On January 5th I had such longing in my chest. The pain was terrible. Also, on January l6th, such an ache. I ache again today. I ached on Christmas so intensely, to love Him more, to behold my Lord a little, but never completely, such agony, such pain. This pain could be compared to the pain of the souls in purgatory. To want to behold someone so much, but be unable! Such pain of longing and waiting! The heart is in great pain to behold Our Lord.

He is indeed a true person. He is as a person you love so intently and long to behold but cannot. He has this ardent love for us. He longs for us to come and be with Him. He yearns for our time with Him. He begs from the tabernacle for us to come and be with Him, yet we say, "Oh, I am too busy!"

God-made-man sits alone in the tabernacle, lamenting the love He has for each of us. He is a person. He craves for us to come and share our love with Him. How can we be too busy for this ardent love? How do you stay away when your lover is waiting and begging you to come? He is indeed the bridegroom of the soul. He, with a heart of fire and intense love, waits for our time with Him. It wounds His aching heart when we treat Him with such indifference and turn our backs on Him. It wounds His aching heart when we reject Him and stay away. It wounds His aching heart when He comes to us in such a union in Holy Communion and we are cold! How hard to love someone so intensely and then be received with coldness. Think of the most ardent love you could have for someone and then to be treated coldly. It wounds His aching heart.

His heart is a furnace of endless love. He waits for you, His love, in the tabernacle and in Communion. He longs for you to come (I smell incense) and be with Him. He is the bridegroom of your soul. He is your ardent lover. He is God and He is waiting for you, longing for you.

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