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My Kingdom Is At Hand

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February 6, 1994 5:00 a.m.

Jesus: This is all fruitless, My children. I am your God. All your endeavors are of no account if they do not have their reference to Me. You can run down many roads at such a fast pace but the only road that counts is the road that leads to My Sacred Heart. You hold on to this and that and tomorrow your life may be snatched from you! If you knew you would die tomorrow, would any of what you hold on to be so important?

Ready your hearts for the kingdom of God. My Kingdom is at hand. You hold useless treasures in your hands while the King of Glory waits. I am King of the Kingdom you seek. I am ardently waiting for you in the tabernacle. My heart is afire, ablaze for love of you. My heart yearns and longs for you as the most ardent lover, yet you, My little ones, do not come. It wounds My aching heart. I want you so much to come and sit with Me. Do you not hear the cry of your lover? Yet you pay no heed to Me and when I give you Myself in Communion you come with a cold heart. Oh, My aching heart, to love so much and be rejected by you!

I am the King of the Kingdom you seek. My Kingdom is not of this world. Where do you go for your wares when I have all you need? Come to Me and receive all you seek. Come to Me and be filled. Come to Me and get everything that is of any account.

I am Jesus. I am the Son of God. I sit and wait and you run down senseless roads! I am on fire with love of you. I wait for you, I long for you, I want you and you say, "No, Lord". Oh, My aching heart, how it hurts for love of you!

Come, My little ones, come and be wrapped in the arms of Him Who loves you ardently. Do not run after your needless tasks. You do not have to do anything in this world but seek My kingdom. This is your focus. This is all that is of any account.

You seek, you search, you wander, you run down roads that lead nowhere at such speeds and your love waits. I know the very workings of your heart. I ponder you and know you far better than yourselves. I loved you to My death and I wait for you with an intense, ardent love. Come and let Me show you real love, My love. It is not fleeting. It does not last a moment. It lasts forever!

Come, come, come to your love. I wait for you. Come and let Me give you all you need. When I am the center of your life, you will have all you need.

I love you. Jesus.

Notes: At 6:30 a.m. I saw a vision of children, two adults by their side, walking together in a group. One adult in front was wearing a scarf on a tweed coat. She had brown hair which was curled. She turned and had her hand on a child. She was leading them. The other adult was in the back. There were about 20 to 25 kids on a street. They all had their coats and they had just turned the corner.

Jesus: Lead the children to the love of Jesus. Lead My priests and sisters to My infinite love. My love is abounding to all. My love is on fire for everyone. On fire! You must tell them. Speak for Me. All must know of this intense love for them. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.

See the children will be led home. Their hearts will know My love. I want you to speak in front of groups about My love.

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