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Total Surrender

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February 7, 1994 1:00 a.m.

R. Make me selfless and unattached. I do not want to focus on myself at all. Selflessness is to let go of yourself entirely and live only for Him. Who will do His work? We will do His work. He is operating us. We selflessly comply with all He does through us!

To have union with Jesus is to die to yourself. He was so selfless. See Him hanging on the cross. His whole position, arms outstretched, hanging by His hands and supported by His crossed feet, total surrender to the will of The Father! This is what He beckons us to follow, total surrender of ourselves and our desires to the will of The Father.

I try to follow the will of The Father in little things, playing and praying with my children. This pleases Him so I feel it in my heart. It is in everything He tells me to do, no matter how small. He is so pleased with our surrender to His desire!

The way to heaven is the Way of the Cross. Our way has pitfalls and big hills, just like Medjugorje, but oh, when we reach the top, what our eyes behold! The power, the might, the vision! The climb was worth every minute of the struggle! Let us pick up each cross with such love for Him as He picked up His for us!

His power is the power of God. It radiates from our very being when we become selfless in His love. Power is emitted from our presence. Let us realize this is His might that lives within us when we come and sit with Him before the tabernacle. There is a mighty force that powers our actions. He charges us and we are operating on His power. Our hands become His hands, our faces and hearts His hearts. Total surrender, total selflessness.

Spread the good news! Shout it from the housetops! Jesus Christ is Lord and He is in our midst! He is in Communion. He is in the tabernacle. The same as the day He walked this earth, He lives this very day.

His might we behold in Him in Communion and in the tabernacle. He is dwelling, God-made-man, in our midst. Oh, how He is present, truly present, here on this earth this day!

He lives in you. You have the opportunity to make Him a vibrant force operating your soul. Sit you no more idle, little ones. His work is at hand. Spread the good news. Feed the soul in darkness. Shout His words from the housetops. Jesus is Lord and He dwells among His people this very day.

Are we alone in this sick world? Do you feel helpless to undertake such work? He goes with you where you go. He is your guide. Never are you alone on your journey. You are accompanied by the hand of God.

Jesus: Oh, My people! Oh, My people! Listen to My promptings here! I am a living God! Your society might be godless, but it is in the hearts which have been infiltrated by Satan's hand. My might is far beyond any work Satan could accomplish. I am dwelling in your midst and I come to save My beloved ones, every last soul. You have a message to deliver to the world that Jesus is God and He dwells among you this very day!

Let Me possess and operate your hearts. Seek only after your union with Me. Make this your top priority. I work through the selfless soul. I will work and operate you. You needn't fret or fume. Your job is simple. Come to my altar every day. Be with Me in adoration and I do the work through you. You cannot do the work. The might that is needed in this world must come from the hand of God. I will operate you and do all I need to through you.

Quit trying to do it yourself. Put all your trust in Me and watch your life fly. You cannot fly. Only I can make you fly. You need to be operated by My might to fight this evil world. My might is in front of the tabernacle. Be there for My love. I lament your busyness. In one second I can snatch your lives from you. No one has returned to finish the job they left.

Oh, little ones, love of God, love of one another! Let Me do My work. Quit trying to do My work for Me. You cannot do in a thousand years what I can do in a minute. The answer is your total union with Me!

I loved you to My death on the cross. Come and carry your cross with Me. My way is hard. There are bumps. There are hills. They are your mighty lessons. Ask at every moment, "What doth He teach me here?" When you are frustrated and you follow yourself around, surrender to the moment. Stop and learn the lesson. It is in the worst moments your lessons are being taught loud and clear. Patience, My children. I teach you patience and trust. Fear is dissolved. The fire of love is enkindled. I teach you so sweetly that which you need to know.

Harken, I come into your midst this day. Jesus Christ, the Son of Man. I come and dwell to be your guide. I come to teach you mighty lessons. My lessons are your way to Me. Embrace My cross. Accept all I send you as coming from Him Who loves you. Grow in your trials. Run and do not get weary. I am your God. Oh, sweet surrender! You will know My love, My little ones. You will know My might. You will be lost in Me and I will dwell in You and operate You to do the mighty work at hand!

R. Alleluia, Alleluia. Love Him Who is mighty! Alleluia.

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