Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

You Are Surrounded By Angels and Saints

God's Blue Book II Cover

February 9, 1994 5:00 a.m.

Jesus: I am the Way, the Truth, the Life. I am your resting place. You seek Me, you find Me. You look and you behold Jesus Christ, Son of God, in your very midst. I am your Savior. I am He Who comes to save you in your torments. I hold you up high and you see the folly in your ways. You see the work of Satan to distract you. I have a job for you. I need this union to get it accomplished.

You must place all of your trust in Me. Do not go to your own minds for your answers. Go to Me. I am He Who has all you need. You know in your hearts when I give you a command. So you start to decide maybe you do not hear Me so well. You hear Me loud and clear in the recesses of your hearts! Do as I command and quit thinking. Thinking comes from you. When you are prompted in your heart to carry out My will, do it!

My greatest commands are felt in the heart. Do not lose focus and listen to Satan's promptings to distract you. Move steadfastly ahead and in the direction I have plotted for you. I give you the strength for your venture. It is not you who operate but I Who operate from you. Let Me possess your soul and do My work through you. You will run and not get weary. You will fly on eagles' wings. Your heart is at unrest because Satan wants to stop you.

I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. I give you strength. You need no man to do My work. You need Me. Do as you are prompted in your heart. I need you to do this work. Your obedience to your heart is crucial for the souls of many.

Listen and be taught all you need to know. Do not get bogged down in fear and doubt. This is Satan's playground. He hates your work and he aims to stop you. Pray to St. Michael to accompany you on your way. Saints and angels go with you when you do your work.

Oh, the unseen world! You think you stand alone, but you are surrounded by saints and angels! You are given My might and you stand idle in a foolish fret!

Harken to My words here. Read and reread them for strength. Remember, you are being tested in fire and your strength will come from such trials. It is in acceptance of all things that you grow in your relationship with Me. My hand is in all you are experiencing.

Go forth renewed, for I go with you. Do not give in to Satan to get you bowed down. Pray steadfastly in Me. I am the Good Shepherd, I know Mine and they follow Me. Come all of you who labor and are heavily burdened and I will give you strength. I love You. Jesus.

It is in this trial you will receive the strength you need to accomplish My work. Cling to Me. Know that it is in acceptance of trials that you are closest to Me. I go with you on your way. You are never unattended.

Do as I command. Quit thinking and trust in My Sacred Heart!

Such fire for you, little one. I burn in your heart. Do not quiet My flame with distractions. Welcome the flame burning brightly for greatest love of you.

Satan will do all he can to get you bowed down and off course. Your job I make clear.

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