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Think Only of Jesus

God's Blue Book II Cover

February 9, 1994

Jesus: My dear child, I have told you to focus on Jesus when other distractions and thoughts penetrate your mind. It takes a trained will to turn your thoughts to thoughts of Me.

I am your spouse. I am your ardent lover. I am He (smelled roses) Who loves you abundantly. I have all you need. It is in this great love and the realization of it that you will be strengthened (scent of roses is strong). You will learn to focus on Me and Me alone.

It is in training your mind and trusting in God that you develop constant union with Me. This is your test, to put aside the thoughts the devil and world put into your mind and focus entirely on Jesus, your beloved spouse.

To be rooted in Me, to learn trust, to know all I want you to do, is to constantly turn your thoughts to Me. Nothing can shake your union with Me.

You learn in your trials. It is in your trials that you are taught your mightiest lessons. Behold Me battered, bruised, beaten, in total surrender for love of you. This is the picture I want you to carry in your heart. See Me and feel My intense love. I am as present to you at this moment as I was present on the day I died on the cross.

Focus! This is your focus, Jesus Christ! Constant union with Me in your thoughts. You have a big job to accomplish and you are only able as you are selflessly fixed to Me. I must be so close to you that you wander not one second in your thoughts from our union.

This, child, is strength. I can do all things. You proceed assuredly ahead with your heart only on Me. This gives you direction and confidence. Satan will constantly try to control your thoughts. If he can control them with guilt or worry or doubt He has won the battle.

You are so precious to Me! For not one moment do you want your focus off of Me. You must let Me possess your soul.

You will be tried. You will be tested. You will be persecuted. You will feel glory. You will act and want to worry about performance. You must not think of any of these things. If you operate from Me, you do as I will you to do. You do not question how it is. Know that I did it and be happy. Do not ever listen to those who wish to trip you up. You must be unattached to the glory or the persecution. They persecuted Me to My death but I remained steadfastly about My business. I am the Way, I am the Truth, I am the Life, I am your all. You operate for Me. You are going out on a limb. If your brothers accepted everything you were saying there would not be a need for your talking. You are speaking to be heard. You are speaking to doubting Thomases. You are speaking to many who have remained closed for a long time. You are speaking as My servant. You are speaking with My might. You are being powered by the hand of God. Hear Me, little ones. No one will hear if you hold back. It is in speaking the truth and letting Me possess your soul that you will be able to do My work.

Those who are responsible for removing school prayer spoke out and spoke out plenty. To take My prayer from the schools it took many brassy and outspoken people. You cannot hold back. I come to you, dripping with blood, and I ask you, will you do My work? Can I count on you? You are My hands, you are My tongue, you are one crying in the darkness. Make ready the way for Him. He comes as a baby into your midst but His might is far beyond all the power on earth. He is God, one, true, magnificent. He is all powerful and He, My children, is coming to you. Hear Him and harken to His cry to respond with His love to one another. He loves you and you must love each other. Listen to this message of love. Love is your arms. You are My soldiers.

R. I am not going to worry about what I say or do. I will turn my thoughts to Jesus but in order to do this I must be totally fixed in Him. I must be focused on Him and Him alone. My whole work must be to spread His love and His messages. Then I can proceed steadfastly ahead. The action cannot be from me, not for one second. To have total union with Him I must become entirely selfless and let Him possess me. I love Him so deeply and I am ever ready to tell others of His immense love for them. Shout it from the housetops! Proclaim from the roof that Jesus is Lord and is totally present and in our midst this very day. Alleluia.

This is His message, to follow Him. He died in total surrender to the Father's will. We must follow the will of the Father. He has a plan for us. We must do His work. It takes total surrender to act as He prompts us to act. We must become selfless and allow Him to act in us. When He is acting, hearts are changed, people are touched. When we are acting, it is our will we are using. This is ourselves, playing a safe game, as if He died on the cross with His arms closed. He died with His arms wide open. We must let Him work in us as He desires.

I will say, "Yes, Lord, I move steadfastly ahead to do Your work. You are He Who operates my soul." I know my might comes from Him Who is all powerful. I know my intentions are for love of You and You alone. I am Yours to use.

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