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To Grow, You Cannot Remain the Same

God's Blue Book II Cover

February 12, 1994
After Mass

Jesus: I give you this intense love. Look at Me hanging, arms outstretched. Do you see I am giving you My all out of deepest love of you! How do I wake you? I profess it so profusely, but you do not open your hearts. You crave My love, you want it so badly, but you do not realize I am giving it to you now.

You are My beautiful daughter. I speak to you. You will be rejected but you will plant seeds that will germinate in the hearts of many. You must do My work. Do not be attached to the glory or the persecution. I am God and My might is endless. I am He Whom you love, He Whom you seek. Come to Me and I will fill you!

Preach the Real Presence. I am truly here, God alone! Preach My love on fire for every soul. People are hungry, they will listen. Lead My people to My love.

R. Jesus is speaking to you in the whispers in your heart. Do you block His words and only do what you want?

Jesus: To die to yourself you must listen to every word I plant in your heart, even the ones you do not want to hear because you might have to change something. To grow, you cannot remain the same. There is no growth if the plant stays the same.

I come to feed you, to fertilize you. I give you just the right fertilizer in your heart. Do you want to grow or do you want to remain unchanged? You will not grow if you do not use My fertilizer. It is the quiet whispers in your heart.

"Oh no, not that, Lord!" Oh, say "yes" to all I send you. It is with the greatest of love. It comes from Him Who laid down His life for you, Who gave you the last beat of His heart. I am Who am. I am God and I come before you, bruised, bloodied and beaten and I say, "Do you love Me so much as to listen to My promptings in your heart, to love your sick brothers, to do as The Father wills you to do?" I gave you the last beat of My heart. Why do you hold back? I am He Who loves you. I send you good things. Even crosses are good things. You grow from your trials and crosses.

Growth demands a change. Love finds a way into the hearts of others when you love with a heart of God.

Oh, child, I love you.

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