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He Will Grant Your Heart's Request

God's Blue Book II Cover

February 12, 1994

Note: This message was received from Jesus as directions on when to give the priest a message. He told me to wait until He came to the front of the church. I did not want to wait, but did and gave him this message verbally.

Jesus: Give not in to the body to seek instant gratification. The body wants its way and now. When I give you a command, wait for My time. My time is the perfect time. I know all things and I make all things work in harmony. You know little of many things. You see from limited vision. You act on impulse in your time and you are acting without My aid.

Wait on Me. My time is perfect. Do not push. Do not fret. Do not fume. Be entirely tuned in to the promptings in your heart. My time is perfect. My ways are direct and steadfast. I am He Who knows all things and I intently love you. To My death I loved you.

I give you from My heart. Accept all things in My plan and know I am ever by your side. Alleluia. You are so blessed, little one!

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