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Do You Truly Want Union With Me?

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February 14, 1994 5:00 a.m.

Jesus: Will you be My light to the world? Will you open up entirely and be only of Me? Will you put aside your selfish desires and think of Me? I am calling you to union with Me. This takes denial of self. To be involved in yourself is to be void of God. Selfishness is not godliness. You must choose between yourself and God.

I am He Who loves you intently. Love gives to the other. Love does not seek its own way. This is not love. Do you love Me enough to give yourself entirely to Me or do you want to give some of yourself and hold on to some of yourself?

I died in complete surrender for you, to the last beat of My heart. I gave you this much love. Do you love Me? Then you can put aside what you want. If one thing becomes more important than I, you are violating the First Commandment. You must be selfless and have Me as your top priority. Everything in your life has meaning only as it brings you closer to Me.

What do you need? What do you spend your thoughts on? Train your will to turn your thoughts to Me. See Me in total surrender, dying for love of you on the cross.

You want love. What of your brothers? Would they lay down their lives for you? If they had a choice, would they choose to give you the last drop of blood and the last beat of their heart?

What do I do now to wake you to My love? My heart is on fire with love of you but to know Me more you must reach with your soul. The more you die to yourself, the greater your union with Me. To the last beat of My heart, I loved you.

Do you truly want union with Me? Then do not hold back any of yourself. You give yourself in all things that you want so badly. Surrender those things to Me. When you are attached to anything, a job, a person, a service, when anything you do becomes more important than Me, you are attached to it! If you are too busy for anything and do not have time to be alone with Me, then you are attached to too many things. Union with Me must come first.

Take up your cross and follow Me. To lay down your cross is the way of the world. I ask you to constant surrender of your will to the will of The Father.

I am He Who comes before you. I showed you the way by My life. I completely surrendered to the will of The Father. I gave My life for love of you. The Father loved you so much He gave His only Son for love of you. The Holy Spirit is the love between The Father and the Son. Such love in God! You, My child, are loved beyond all comprehension.

You wander aimlessly while your soul craves this love. It can be found in front of the tabernacle. My love is personified there. I am there, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity. I am truly present in your midst. I long to shower you with the love of God. We are three in one. When you come to Me you are receiving love from God. I, God, am present in the tabernacle and the Eucharist. You have communion with God in Holy Communion. What love, to fill your aching heart on Valentine's Day!

Reach with a heart of God. Let Him bathe you in His love. Come to His altar and worship Him, My child. You are loved beyond all comprehension and your soul craves this love.

You cannot have all you seek. You will not be satisfied on this earth. I give you glimpses. I give you little moments, but most are just spent ardently adoring Me. You do not need to feel Me to know you are receiving the greatest gift of all, God-made-man dwelling in your midst.


The way to Me is the Way of the Cross. I give you a cross to bring you closer to Me. Take up your cross and follow Me. The way to Me is through the cross you carry today. Do as I want you to do. Accept your cross and carry it for Me. Did I do any less for you? I loved you to My death. I call you to this love for Me and your brothers. Love your brothers with the heart of God. You are Me to this dark world. You are My hands, My heart. You are Me, dwelling in your being. Die to yourself and follow Me.

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