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The Soul Craves Union With God

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January 4, 1994 5:00 a.m.

Jesus: You, My child, must trust in Me. I am not going to quit giving you messages. I am your beautiful Jesus and I am very aware of everything that happens in your life. Do not worry. Do not think. Live your life for two purposes, love of God and love of your fellowman. You are My precious child. Such dignity, such honor I bestow on you! I am Jesus, Son of the Living God and I love you so. What dignity for all My beautiful children!

Hold tight to all I have taught you. I am with you in all your trials. I never leave your side. Pray to Me, child. I want you to pray constantly. Time is short and your prayers for others are the greatest help to this world. Do not question. Try to focus on love for your brothers. You are so lucky to have these letters. I want everyone to have these messages. Come and write for all so they may learn My ways.

You come, I am always waiting for you to be with Me. Jesus Christ waits for His creatures. What an honor that is for your feeble hearts--that the Son of Man waits on a creature. I am by your side. I am here in every trial you experience every day. Make people aware of how close I truly am to them. They are so lost in this world. They are unaware of how to save themselves.

I am the medicine for My children. I am He Whose bootstraps you are unworthy to tie and I wait to be with you every day at the altar. I wait and lament your passing, too busy for the Son of Man. You, in your pain, go to bottles, people, everywhere for the cure to your illness and nothing you try even comes close to the cure. And you, My little ones, miss the real cure in your busy little lives. Oh, but you must be on your way, you say. "I have to…and…and…" and the Son of Man waits for a mere creature!

You are sick and need the medicine only I can give you but you go to every other source but Me. Every man was created with a soul, destined for love of God. Every soul craves the union. Every soul is searching for this and is at unrest until it is settled in the arms of God.

Where do you go for the stalking soul? Do you go to man and try to satisfy the soul? What emptiness you find there! Do you go to material things to try to satisfy the soul? This is more emptiness. In your avid search, you miss that which alone will satisfy the stalking soul. The soul craves union with God. In your earthly form you will never know total satisfaction, but the soul can rest somewhat in the earthly union with God. Look no more, My little ones. Come and let Me love you. Your hearts find rest only in God.

I am He Who waits for your love. I lament your busyness and want you to come and sit with Me. Search ye no more for the heart is restless unless it is nestled in Me. Quit going to the world for the things of the Spirit. Come to Me, My little ones, and let Me love you as I desire. Be not empty and searching, but filled with the peace of God. Nothing can be as God to your heart. Your efforts to look elsewhere are in vain.

I am Jesus, Son of the Living God, and I wait for your love and your time with Me. Come, come, My children. Come to Him Who loves you. Search no more this barren desert for the things of God.

R. And He showered them with His love and He waited for their return. They went their way and knew that only He would quiet a stalking heart. Their hearts were no longer hungry and afraid, but at peace for having found the one, true God.


He is our refuge and our strength. He pulls us from the troubled waters and we are saved from the hungry sea. We rest in the arms of our lover and we feel His greatness in our souls.

Come to Me, all who are weary. I give you rest for your troubled spirits. You wander in vain a barren land, while the land I give is brimming with milk and honey.

Oh, little ones, so foolish are you when your love waits. You search, you find no peace except in Me. Wander you the barren lands of the earth, but a search of such uselessness you undertake, for only in Me do your souls find rest. Your bodies will wither and fade and be thrown on a heap for the birds of prey, but your soul is made for glory. It will one day possess total union with God. It must be kept holy. It must be protected and nurtured and fed. It must be cared for by Him Who created it!

How do I make you understand? You dress up your packages. You care for every detail about your life here and I am God and I come first. All else receives its importance in reference to Me. Tend to the soul, My children. Come and pray to Me every day. Don't listen to this world. It is very sick.

I am your loving Jesus. Listen to My words and take heed of these things. I want to shape you to My love, but you are so stubborn! What more do I tell you? I died that you might live. Now I ask you to turn to Me yourselves. Quit listening to the world. It is so sorry. You must come and be fed by Me.

I am the Omega. I am all there is. You are sinking in your boats and you do not see the water coming in. Take the blinders off your eyes and look all around you. Pray for the Spirit to open your hearts and to shower His gifts. He will awaken your hearts to the things of God. You will see where you once were blind and He will lead you out of your troubled waters to a calm sea and peace in your hearts.

R. Alleluia. Praise Him Who loves you so! Praise the Spirit for He enhances our lives with His love. Where we were blind, we now see. Alleluia.

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