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Unconditional Love

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January 4, 1994 6:00 a.m.

Jesus: I will never leave you. I am not like humans who wave about. I am your precious Jesus. Be so steadfast in My love! I am never going to leave you or forget you or not love you today or tomorrow. I love you, period! This is the beauty of My love. It is unconditional. Now you have found Me. Be sure I am here with this intense love that never dies. I wait for you like an ardent lover. I love you as the mother who loves her child, naughty or nice. She still sees them as little darlings. I want you to be good. I gave My life that you would live. Don't ever doubt My love for one minute, one second. This should warm your heart. I never pull My love away from you. It is always there. I love each one of My children with this intense love.

R. Oh, Jesus, You are so good. You are so loving and so worthy of all honor and praise. We bow to kiss the ground before You because You are worthy of all praise. Alleluia. You are so good!

And You came, Lord, and You are very attentive to my needs. You know and ponder all things in my heart and I am filled with Your love. I do not walk this valley alone. You escort me on my way and my heart is filled to the brim. Holy, holy is the one, true God and honored is His name for He came to us and died a brutal death. We are His chosen ones that He, God, loves us so much!

Jesus: Oh, ye, little child, I do love you. It is in troubles that I am closest to you and you learn the best lessons. Do not throw back to Me little trials I send you that help lead to your sainthood. Strive after holiness. Pray constantly and offer yourself to Me as your gift. I will accept your gift with much love. Your life is the greatest gift you can give to Me. I want to have a union with you. This union will take place, depending on how much you give of yourself. Give Me yourself entirely. Do not hold anything back. I am eager for your all. I will be united with you more closely the more you surrender your whole being. Hold not back for I am eager for you.

Go, My sweet one. I go with you. Smile and be My servant to the world. I love you.

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