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Jesus With Us All Day

God's Blue Book II Cover

January 5, 1994

Jesus: Dear child, come unto Me and I will give you rest. I am the Lord of all and author of your life. You give yourself to Me and I write the book of your life. You do not worry. You do not fret. You trust totally in Me and I operate you as I need you.

Kneel before Me and pour yourself out to Me. Let Me possess your soul. You need silence before Me, and total submission. Will to let go totally of your all to Me. Focus on My intense love for you. It is constant and hyper-vigilant and I am with you, filling you up, always. When you operate, you do so with My will. Make yourself like jello, totally formless. You needn't prove anything to anyone for I am acting from your soul. Become selfless and unattached and hold tight in Me at every second.

Make your day a day with Me, your constant companion. Keep Me always in your thoughts and present by your side every second. You are never alone. I am with you at every moment. Focus on Me and My love. It is so intense and so warm! Make Spiritual Communions to Me and be alone for short times in an intimate way all day. Be in love and be with your lover all through the day. We share an intimate time, a few minutes here and there, just stopping to be in spiritual communion together. Our love develops every day as you grow in your union with Me. It deepens and powers your life. As our love deepens, your assuredness to operate is increased. You act always out of love of Me. This is how I want you to be. Your actions are directed by the love you feel inside. Your actions become powered by a mighty force. The love and life that radiates from you is My love and life.

Total communion with Me, all through the day! To see this world through the eyes of Jesus, to operate with the love of Jesus in your heart, you must become totally selfless and operate from My love. Stop and be in spiritual communion. Stop and spend time alone with Me, a power house, self-focusing, turning yourself back to Me and My love, recharging your worn battery in My heart. What an experience! I am here, little one. You need My constant power and love. I am here and you need Me to do as I will. Tap into the source all day, a quiet moment alone with your love, a few moments often to focus on Me and My love.

You are My light to this world. It takes energy and power. It takes My love to shine in the darkness. Come and be plugged in. I am always there and ready to charge you.

I love you so, little one. Stay so close to Me. You need Me constantly. I love you. Jesus.

Personal Note: My God is Jesus. When I get distracted, I have made something else My God. He comes first and last and He is what is important to Me. He alone do I serve. Alleluia. My focus is shifted to His heart. Alleluia.

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