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Musts: Daily Mass, Adoration After Communion

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February 15, 1994 4:00 a.m.

Jesus: I was bruised, I was bloodied, I was beaten. I withstood all this for love of you. Do you still think you are alone? I go with you where you go. I never leave your side. I lead and you follow. You are attentive to the inner promptings in your breast. I am ever ready for you to do exactly what I call you to do.

You are losing your intimacy with Me because you are not spending time alone with Me after Communion. This is our time together. You must never be led away from this time.

My union with you is most important. I am telling you that the Mass and adoration after Communion are musts every day. I am present in a way that you do not get at any other time. You must be absolutely alone in front of the tabernacle after Mass. Sit and lose yourself in My love. Focus only on My love. Satan is trying to keep you from Me at this most special moment. Concentrate on Me and only think of Me, pouring My love out to you. Be as if taking a bath in My love. Let Me fill you to the brim. You are alone with Me but you are missing your time after Communion. This is a must in your life!

I am Who am. I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I come to you, My sweet one, with the greatest love. You are My sweet messenger. Trouble not your mind as I am ever by your side. Things will work for I go before you in all your undertakings. Listen to the promptings in your heart and be attentive to all I disclose to you there. Quiet Satan who constantly taunts your mind. He wants you to become frightened and turn away. You must know this is My work.

Nothing will stop My work here! You are being blessed in your relationship to spread this word. I go before you. I am at your side. Do not ever move from your union with Me. I am in your heart at this very moment. Such precious moments, to behold the Son of God within your very soul! You, My beloved, I come to and I use you to do this work!

Do not doubt for one second. Busy your mind with thoughts only of Me. I come, you listen. You are united to Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He dwells in your very heart. Oh, how you are favored. Come and adore Me for I am God and I come to you. Who are you to receive such an honor? You, are My beloved, the bride of My soul. I come to you with this ardent love. Come and be so elated. You are filled with such gifts. Alleluia.

God has come to you. Blow the trumpet, sound the horn, jump for joy. Your ardent lover has come to your soul.


I am the Alpha. I am the Omega. Come and experience the intensity of My love. Sit and be with Me, with thoughts only of how I, Jesus, Son of God, love you. Focus on Me. See My face. See Me, bloodied and bruised, dripping with love for you. I give you My Body. I give you My Blood. I give you My all. Be attentive to only Me and My intense love for you. I dwell there in your spirit. Let Me possess you and permeate your very being. Be filled with My love. You no longer exist of yourself, but only as I exist in you.

Let go, My chosen ones. I come with this love to bestow on you, but you must be in silence. It is your focusing on Me that will send you high into a realm of the spirit. My love is present inside you. Let go and experience Me present within your heart. Let Me love you with My love. Let Me fill you with My lightness. Lose yourself and be entirely in Me. Forget all your earthly cares. The King of heaven dwells in your heart. Would you think of such small concerns if a real king were in your midst? I am in your soul and I am the King of heaven. The feeling in your heart is My intense love for you!

You hold back, when I have so much to give you. Learn to let go. Pray for help from Me and My mother. You will experience My union with you. I long to be united with you but union depends on your openness to Me. Let go, let go. Ascend to the realms of the heavens for I am truly God and I am truly in your soul.

Come that I might fill you. Let Me do My work in you. Let Me immerse you in My love. Just be with Me. Forget your cares. Forget it all and dwell only in Me, with My arms surrounding you and embracing you. Such warmth, such fire, just for you, My beloved, just for you.

Oh, how I love you. What do I do to shake you? I am God and I am within your very breast and you think about the weather or the garbage. Oh, you silly ones. Behold your God within you, deep in your breast, longing and longing for union with you. Let go! Focus on Me, My little ones! I will immerse you in My love. Be with Me in your very breast. Come and be filled by Me.

Alleluia. Alleluia.

This is God. This is God and I am in your breast. What is in your mind? When your bridegroom waits for you, empty your mind and let Me fill you!

Alleluia. You, this day, have been given a Savior and He longs to be with you in the most ardent love.

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