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God Is in Your Midst

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February 16, 1994 Ash Wednesday

Jesus: From the very depths of your soul, I sanctify you. I come to you, God in your heart, and you are made clean. It is in this cleansing that you behold God. He comes to you in your heart and He makes you holy. You are a mere mortal but He raises you to such heights. Who are you, My child, that I love you so much? You are favored and honored by My presence in your soul. Alleluia.

Come and be fed. He gave them manna from heaven. Not by bread alone does man live, but by every word that comes from God!

I am Almighty God. I am your all. I am here in My entirety. Where Jesus is, there is God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Do not try to understand the mystery. Try to experience our immense love, Father, Son and Holy Spirit loving you. And Mary, My mother is always where I am!

Oh, children, can your heart be sad with such honor bestowed on you? Lift up your hearts to God and realize that that which is in your breast is the one, true, magnificent God. He wants to be with you with immense love. Such honor and dignity for you! I am the Alpha, I am the Omega, I am God, child. I come and dwell in your heart. God comes to you with such love and you worry about people and things of this world.

I tell you worry is from Satan and he wants you bowed down. Be filled in your hearts with the immensity of the love of God and live, child. Take off your sack cloth and ashes and spread the good news. Jesus, God, is here and He is dwelling in your midst. He is present in the Eucharist. He is God, present there for love of you.

Wake the village, sound the gong. They are deaf and blind. They think this world is their end, when I am all they ever need! Stand on the roof, proclaim My glory! Tell all I am God and I dwell in your midst. Don't miss an opportunity to spread the good word. Do not flounder around and look for senseless things when God dwells here.

Blare the trumpet, roll the drums, be attentive to My word here. Spread these messages every day. Oh, how hungry they are and how they need to get these love letters from Me. I fill you with My immense love. You give it to your brothers. You possess a key to unlock the hardened heart. You have the medicine for those who are in despair. Do your job, children. It is in serving Me that you attain the greatest reward. All else is of no account.

Spread My words in the streets and villages. Go to the country highways and byways, churches, synagogues--anywhere there is a human creature! Let not your moments be in vain. They are hungry and in need of My words here. You are being called by Me to do My work now, this very moment, this day. Do not tarry, for their days are at hand. Your days must be filled with spreading My words to all who have breath!

Your work is at hand. Do not busy yourself with nonsense. You must do what I ask, and now. Souls are at stake, their lives are at hand, and you possess the key to their lives. Hold not back. I am God and I need you to work this moment, this day, to spread My gospel for Me.

Circulate My letters. Give out My love. You have a job and you work for God. No one is as important as God and I am calling you. This is an urgent message to you, My chosen ones. Spread My message. Hold not back. If they love you or persecute you, pay no mind. I am He Whom you seek, He Whom you love, He Whom you want to please. Turn to Me and I will never turn away.

Turn to Me!

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