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February 24, 1994 6:00 a.m.

Jesus: I am the Way, the Truth, the Life. He that abides in Me will have the light of life and I will give you life eternal. I come that you might know of Me. I come to save you so that you will some day be with Me in heaven. What glories wait for him who loves and serves the Lord!

I am He Whom you do not see, but Who loves you ardently. It is your faith whereby you shall enter heaven. I am here, little one, the same as you are alive. You must learn to trust in Me at all times. This is your testing ground, but, oh, the glories that await you if you pass this test!

I am your Savior. I am your lover. I am your all. You need not want for anything if you come to Me. I give you all you need.

I never leave you in your trials. I want you to know how close I am to you. I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and I am a person. You must focus on Me as you would any person. You must see Me as a real person, dwelling in your midst. I must become so alive to you.

You cannot be part My life and part world. To follow Me you must lay down your life and take up your cross. You must die to the world and all it tells you is good for you. This world is a very sick place. Those who are comfortable with its state have become very sick. They do not even see the hollowness of their ways. They do not see that their lives here have become an end in themselves. They do not know that the life necessary for a relationship with Me has gone from their souls.

This world is sinful. Your lives are but fleeting moments in the scope of eternity. They are here and then, like smoke, they vanish.

I am your God. I am Jesus Christ. I come to you. The closer you come to Me, the more I tell you of Myself. I am sorrowful for what is happening. I love you so much. I want you to know Me as a real person. I want you to turn to Me as you would your intimate lover. I want you to come and share your heart with Me.

I am not a God far off. I am Jesus Christ, so present to you this day. I come in such union with you in Communion. Your growth with Me depends on you and how you spend time with Me. If you want to know someone, you must spend much time alone with that person. To your ardent lover, no time is enough. You wait and you anticipate your union.

This is what I want with you. I want to be a part of every thought. I want you to run to My arms and pour out your heart. I want you to wait with such eagerness for the time you spend with Me. I want you to make Me the very center of your life. I want every breath you breathe to be for the glory of God. I want your all. I am a jealous God. I want you to be this connected to Me.

Your soul craves this union. Nothing here will satisfy it. To strive for union with Me is to live in harmony with the song of the soul. You were created to have this union with Jesus Christ and thus this union leads to such love of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ is God. To love Him intimately leads to union with God.

You cannot separate the Son from God. He is God and God is all three: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. To know Jesus intimately is to know God. But, you will never know God here as you crave. There is this constant longing and aching for more. To know God a little, but never enough! Know there is a restlessness of the soul to behold Him more. The soul will never be satisfied until you obtain heaven. You crave God. The closer your union with Him, the more you want every moment with Him.

My ways I make plain to you. My love I give freely. I wait for you as an ardent lover that never goes away. It is you who keep yourself from Me. Every attachment you have to this world keeps you from greater union with Me. I wait for our love affair with every beat of My heart. I love each of you this intently. You are responsible for this union.

If you want to be close to Me, give up your attachments. You cannot be attached to things and people and be in proper union with Me. I must be first in your life. Any person or thing you use should be there only as it leads you closer to Jesus. To make anything or anyone so important in your life is to lead you away from Jesus. I must be Number One. The love you have for others comes from your love with Me.

Let Me possess your soul. Let Me permeate your being. Let Me use you to do My work. Surrender yourself. The reward that waits for you is so great you will never know. You must realize I am Number One and be busy about our love affair. To know Me, to love Me, is to spend time alone, especially in front of the tabernacle, to spend time alone with Me after Communion. I am closest to you then. I am inside of your body. I am there, God-made-man, inside of your body. Do you want to know and love Me? Then never leave right after Communion. Be absolutely alone with Me! Those moments are so precious. Those are the closest moments you have with Me. You must stay and relish every second. It is so simple, but people have a free will. They place other things before this union. Then they cry, "Lord, Lord, let Me know you." Sit with Me after Communion. Let yourself go entirely. Focus on My intense Love! This is your moment. These are your golden gems. You are My bride and I am the bridegroom of your soul.

Do you want to know Me? Come to your lover. I am a person. I am He Who loves you. Treat Me like a person you love so much! Be with Me in your heart. Love Me with action from your heart. Let go as you would experience one you love ardently. Let go and focus on the love between us. I want to love you. I long for you to be close to Me. I am God. I can do all things. You must choose Me first and spend time with Me.

People say they want to be close to Me, but they want it on their terms. I come in the busiest moments of your lives and you are missing My love affair with you. You want Me on your terms, in your time. You want a quick time with Me. You don't do that to someone you love. You linger and do not want to leave. You want this attentiveness and you give it to the other person. I want a love affair with you. I want burning love. I want to be Number One in your life. I want you, My little beautiful ones. I am God and I long for you with a heart afire. I long for you with My ardent love. I come to you in Communion. God comes to you and you treat Me so coldly. I love you. I want you. I am eagerly waiting for you and you treat me coldly. You run off to senseless things and pay no heed to God Whom you receive in Communion. How this hurts My aching heart! To love you so much--God-t-o come to you, only to be made light of!

You do not know the pain in My heart for such indifference. You do not know how silly you are to run after these senseless things when God is waiting for your silent moments with Him. Busy, busy--and I wait. I grow so tired of speaking because they do not have ears that hear. They want signs and words and what have you and I come into your heart. I share Myself with you in Holy Communion. You, child, behold God in your breast, and you run after senseless things!

You want to know God. You want to love God. You want to serve God. Quit the lip service. Sit with Me. It is very simple. You do not know anyone if you never spend time alone with them. Sit after Communion. Alone. You want to do what you want to do. You want Me to fit into your concept of God. To know Me is to be always ready to grow, to open up to the Word of God here and to listen and be taught. I am Jesus. I am telling you in simple terms how to know Me and love Me and really serve Me. You are so willful. You want it your way. That is why you do not listen!

Surrender and be taught. Comply with the will of The Father. These prayers are beautiful when they are said for love of Me and My mother and when they come from your heart out of great love!

These prayers are cold and offend Me when you decide to do your quota and rattle them off, who knows where, and then say, "Oh, I spent so much time with Jesus." Do I get anything out of this time "with Him"? I do not like this cold prayer. You decide to do an endless stream of prayers, do them to get them in, and then ignore Me all day.

I want action from your heart. I want love. I want to be as close to you as an ardent lover. I am a person. I am God. I wait for your love affair with Me this day. Please harken and be with Me. I wait for you with such longing--you and you alone. See My eyes looking on you with such tenderness and longing. See My heart on fire for love of you. Come and be fed in the soul by God himself. No man can ever come close to My love. Nothing can give you what I alone have to give you.

Come, I love you!

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