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Moments After Communion Are Precious

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February 26, 1994
At St. Gertrude

Before Mass:

Jesus: I came that you would have life. I withstood this bitter persecution for love of you.

After Communion:

R. I want this relationship with Jesus to be as with a real person. He is truly present. He sits with us and it is in just being together that we love one another.

The moments after Communion are indeed so precious, as you love someone so much and do not want them to leave. He is truly present in the Eucharist, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity. I do not want Him ever to leave. He is God. He is present in the tabernacle.

Our lover is truly Jesus. He wants us to long for Him and feel His presence. To just be with Jesus! When you love someone, you do not have to speak, just be with them. He wants us to relish every moment He is within our breast, to hang on every second He is with us, to feel a flutter in our breast that God is this near!

This is God. We are His tabernacle after Communion. God is in our body. We are holding God inside of our body!

How is our tabernacle? Is it clean and pure to behold the Son of God? Is our tongue the sacred entryway that He uses to come to us? Clean your tongue for His presence and keep it clean for Jesus, the Son of God, enters there!

Oh, Jesus, who are we that You wait for us to come to us in such a union? Who are we that You love us so much as to want us? Oh, Jesus, we adore You. We love You. We worship You. You are all deserving of such honor and praise. We bow before You in awe that Jesus, the Son of God, gives us such dignity! Oh, Jesus, sweet Jesus, at Your name we bow to You and at Your presence we are left numb! Oh, Jesus, our love, our love, our love. Permeate my soul, possess me and make me selfless so I only operate as You do within me.

Alleluia. Jesus is Lord!

I have not a care in this world because I have given myself to You and You are God. You have all the power and You know all things. You truly want to operate me. I give You myself in my entirety. I throw myself before You and ask You to take me as I am and live in me, to use me, to do as You will with me. I am Yours, Lord. I need not worry for You operate me.

God is always there. We are foolish, we certainly are, to think we control anything. Do we control the weather? Do we control our air? Oh, God, come and dwell in our hearts. Make us selfless and unattached to everything, for You are our Maker and You made us to be used by You. Use us as You see fit. We are Yours, Father. We give ourselves, our entirety, to you.

May the love of Jesus fill your heart to the brim. May you overflow in His love. May it radiate from your very being and His presence enfold you. So you walk only as He walks in you, you talk only as He talks in you, and you are the empty vessel, dwelled in by God, to love this world with His Love. Alleluia

Jesus: Oh, sweet one, I am truly here. You have your struggles and you worry but in all your fretting and fuming you see My presence and how I am there through it all. You, child, grow in these struggles. You grow in your love of Me. Life is not a place just to have fun. You are here to walk My walk with Me. The way to Me is the Way of the Cross. The little crosses I give you this day give you such growth and draw you closer to My Sacred Heart. Accept your suffering. It was handpicked and given just to you from Him Who loves you. Accept all I send you and grow in your deep love of Me.

I am Jesus, the Son of God. I loved you to My death and I give to you according to your need as you are drawn closer to Me. I know the workings of your heart and I want you, oh, so close to Me! I want a love affair with you. I want your heart to be filled with longing when you come to Me in Communion. Your love waits for you, My little one. I am waiting and I love you ardently. Come and be united to Me. Constantly pray the Prayer for Union with Jesus.

I love you so, little one. You are My beloved. I am God and you are My beloved. Come to Me. My love waits for you. I am on fire with love of You! Your heart on fire for love of Me is what will preach My gospel. You must come to Me and be filled by the fire of My love. This is the gospel I want you to preach from your very heart.

To live, to live for Me and Me alone! To have your heart skip a beat at the mention of My name! The love of God is alive in your hearts. You are on fire with this. You preach My love in your being. My love is emitted by your presence. What do you do when you are in love? You speak of your lover every chance you get. I want to be your lover. I want you to speak of Me as you would when you are in love. This will spread My love to all!

You need action from your heart. My love affair waits for you. It is a heart on fire for love of you. I want your hearts on fire for love of Me. I want this fire in your eyes. I want your words when you speak of Me to come forth from your lips with intense fire. Do not read My words in a "ho-hum" manner. When you deliver My readings at Mass, deliver them with a love on fire in your heart for Me.

It is this fire that will move the stony hearts. The love of God is a mighty force. It is not spoken with a person full of self. It should be spoken with a person on fire for love of God.

My love is action from your heart when you enkindle this love with Me. You need not think as you act. Your actions will be fired by My love. My message of love will flow from your soul.

Fire, My little ones, fire. I want an intimate love affair with you, action from your heart. This will preach My love to your sick brothers. What sets you apart is God alive in your breast! You need not fret or fume. Just come and be with Me. I can move mountains. Your actions will be My actions when I possess your soul. It is so easy and you make it so hard. Quit doing that. Come and surrender and give yourselves to Me. Throw yourself before Me. Let Me fill you with the fire of My love.

When I act, you do not think. I do it through you. A person fixed on Me is selfless. The person's actions are direct and steadfast. I will deliver the fire. You come for My love affair.

I have all you need, My beloved. Time alone with Me. This world will pass away and all that will remain will be the things of God.

Store up your treasures for the life hereafter. Our great love awaits and you are keeping us apart.

I love you. Jesus, Son of God.

R. To His death on the cross, He loved us. This is action from the heart. No little love!

Jesus: I am the greatest lover. I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus, on fire for love of you. To My death I loved you!

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