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God Is There In Holy Communion

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February 28, 1994 After Communion

Note: It was noisy right after Communion. He was upset.

R. Jesus, truly is in our midst! It is the fire of His love in our breasts that will warm the cold heart.

Jesus: How can you, in your indifference, walk from Me when I am truly present in your body? How can you, when you see Me hanging on the cross out of love for you, walk away when I, God, love you so much as to come and be inside of your body?

You are ignorant because you are busy for all the wrong things. If you, My little ones, were busy about our love affair, I would teach you all you need to know, but you busy yourself with such nonsense. You are so selfish. You talk of your foolish things and your tongue rattles such foolishness while Jesus, the Son of God, is in your breast. Be with Me, little ones, I am God!! What do you think you are doing?

Bow to God Who is with you! Such irreverence for the Son of God! You are ignorant because you are losing sight of Me. I am God. I am present. I am truly present in the Eucharist. Do you not behold God come to dwell within you? I am so upset at your lack of love for Me!

I died for you. I am God. I gave My life that you might live and you rattle on your way about such incidentals. Oh, little ones, you are so blind and I am so loving and good. You are missing the true treasure here. You are so blind. How do I shake you? I depend on you, My faithful servants, all those who read these letters, all those who hear My wailing in your heart, My cries in your head. Speak out after Communion when people are talking. Say, "God is here and in your bodies. Bow before Him and behold Jesus, the Son of God." Be with Me. Do not be irreverent for it wounds My aching heart. I am Jesus, the Son of God. I come to you with such love. I am present and in your midst. I am the same Jesus Who died for you That you receive in Communion.

Jesus comes to you--Jesus, God almighty--and you rattle away with senseless tongues, the same tongues that received Our Lord! Oh, cry out to My blind ones! Don't sit and listen. Silence the senseless ones. They need to be told My healing comes after Communion. I am in your bodies, little ones. God comes and enters your bodies.

"Say only the word, Lord, and I shall be healed." I come to you. I am the Almighty God, come to You!

I am Jesus, Son of God. How many times do I have to tell you? I am your lover. You speak about your lover. Speak about Me. Time is so short. Your commitments to Me, every minute of every day, will spread the word.

The day of the Lord is at hand. You are the sowers. You plant the seeds. You tell all of My ardent, undying love. You feed the hungry souls with the love of Jesus.

"Oh, Lord," you say, "I must clean my rugs, I must do my dishes." Who cares for your clean rugs and dishes? I am telling you to preach of My love--now! Souls are at stake. Their eternal life depends on the ardent love you are developing in your heart. You can only speak of My love with fire when you are on fire yourself. Be on fire with love of Me. Be about your love affair. What, little ones, is more important than your love affair with God-made-man in Jesus Christ! You keep yourself from Me. I am here.

I have all you need. I am God. No one has any power except as I allow it, and you go to creatures for your answers. Come to Me. I am the Almighty God. I am here. I am in the Eucharist. I am Jesus, the Son of God. I am waiting. I am crying for your love.

Come, our love affair awaits and I am the ardent lover. Nothing here will ever fill your soul. You search a barren desert for the life I so earnestly want to give you.

I am Jesus, Son of God. I am in your midst. I am one crying out to you for your love. Come to Me. Come and get all you ever need. I am God.

The love you seek, you crave, you want, the recognition you want--these are all that I have to give you. I am a person. I am the bridegroom of your soul. You look to this world to give you warmth in your heart. You look to find a flicker when you have a burning fire roaring in My Sacred Heart! Why do you go to dry land for water. I have all you seek. I fill you and you come to give to others. You want to give the love I have imparted to you. You give love. My love is the power, My love is the fire, My love is the light, My love is burning for you, little ones.

Quiet your mind and focus on Me, Jesus Christ, a real person, Who loves you ardently. Oh, how I love you, but you, in your feeble mind, cannot even imagine it and you run to the world for such senseless things. The world will never satisfy the craving in your soul. It can only be filled by the love of Jesus. I am Jesus. I am waiting for our love affair. You were created with the craving for Me and I am yours. I give you My love. You have a craving for love, My child. Each person was given a soul that craves this love that only Jesus can satisfy. You crave to be filled by Me. No one will ever give you what you need but Me and Me alone. It is the perfect fit, the hand in the glove--perfect!

You think someone will give you what you need. You think someone or some thing will satisfy you. Nothing satisfies the searching soul but the love of Jesus. The soul is restless until it rests in Him. You will not be filled on this earth. Your soul is restless here to behold God more, but you will not be satisfied until you get to heaven.

Sacrifice and come and be with Me. I watch you pursue your little whims and watch you only get disappointed and move to another whim. I am what Your soul thirsts for. I and I alone am what you seek. Come to Me, My little babies, we are a perfect fit. You will not feel satisfied here but your souls will find the love they crave in Me.

I give you bits and pieces, little glimpses of My love. You will not behold Me on earth. The craving you feel in your hearts, the ache, My little ones, is for the love of Jesus. Come and lay yourselves before the tabernacle. I will pour out My love to you. My love is that which you crave and it is lasting. Store up your treasures for the life hereafter. Do the things you do not want to do but, in your hearts, those which I am asking you, with great love, to do for Me!

My way is the way for you, My little ones. My way is the only way for you. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. He who abides in Me will have the light of life.

R. God is present, Jesus in the tabernacle. He, God, waits for us and we don't come. What is more important than God? Is it that we are not really aware of His True Presence? We are only giving lip service to it. He, Jesus, Who died a brutal death, sits in the tabernacle and waits for us out of ardent love for us. He longs for us to come and be with Him with an aching heart for our love…and we do not come!

Jesus calls us to love God and to love one another. Love is action from the heart. The First Commandment commands Me to love God before all things. Love is emotional. Love is giving. Love God! How do you love God? Are your hearts on fire with love for Him? The First Commandment says to love God, love your neighbor. Action from the heart!

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