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I Am a Real Person

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March 2, 1994 5:15 a.m.

Jesus: Dear child, I love you so much I died and gave My life for you. If you tell anyone anything, tell them I am a person. When people realize how I am truly a person on fire for love of them, then they will be able to get closer to Me.

I am truly a person. The same Jesus Who died on the cross lives in the little host in the tabernacle.

The world is so blind! My heart is aching so! I come to tell you in this message of My love for them. Please tell them I am aching so for I love them!

Your job is to preach of My intense, intimate love. You live for love of Me alone. Do not think about what you are doing. You operate for My love only.

You need to spend time with your children, being alone and playing with them. This is My work for you. Others never come before your children. Talk to your children every day. Pray alone with them. Go to Mass and Communion with them. You must be alone with each child every day and have time to play with them. If others call you, tell them you have to be alone with your children. I am calling you to this commitment. Read them My letters every day. You are spending too much time with others and not enough alone with your children. Every day you must have some time alone with them. Their lives are very important to Me.

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. I will make things so clear to you, but your mind must be totally free to receive My messages. You must focus on Me and Me alone.

I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. I will aid you in distributing these messages. They are My messages of love and I want them out. You worry about our love affair. This is Number One in your life. Everything else takes a back seat to your time alone with Me. No time is enough time. I want your constant union with Me.

I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. I know all you need. You must remain selfless and unattached. Forget yourself entirely. Live your life for Me. Do not think, do not fret, do not fume, do not try hard. Let go and let Me operate you! Pray the Prayer for Union with Me. I will act in you and you will do this work with ease. I am the Almighty God. I do the work. You remain selfless and unattached to anything you do. Live only for love of Me. Act only as I prompt you. Your life you spend promoting My love. This is why you live: to speak of My love, to love God, to love your brothers. Do all you do for love of Me. Every act of surrender is the greatest gift of love you can give Me!

Surrender and be selfless. Concentrate on My love affair with you and you will do what I am telling you to do. I want total union with you. I want your life to be in harmony with Me. You operate only as I do in you. This takes constant prayer and selflessness. You must pray the Prayer for Union with Me constantly. This keeps you away from yourself.

I am your ardent lover. I am a true person. My person comes forth in these letters. They will circulate. Do not worry about anything but our love affair. When I act in you, do not think of what you did. Offer up to Me any temptation to evaluate your behavior. When I act in you, you do not need to evaluate what you did. If I am doing it, then you should not worry. I will do as I need to do to accomplish what I intend to accomplish. Remain this selfless: be My empty vessel, be the windup toy and let Me have full reign over you!

Your job is to let Me possess your soul. Do not worry about what you have done. Focus only on Me and how I love you. All your actions are actions from your greatest love for Me. I am on fire for love of you. You will not stumble. I need you to accomplish this work. I will guard your every action. Just remain selfless and in constant Union with Me!

I love you. Jesus.

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